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I like the idea of the Surface, but I'd want the Pro version, not the RT version, because the real benefit to me would be running some non-Metro Windows software on it. I use Linux for most of my personal use, but we're on Windows at work. If the Pro pricing is decent, I'll get one. If I can get a laptop that is twice as good for the same price, I'll probably just stick with that.
No, it just seems to be a bit "off" as a product. You can't use the thing on your lap with the keyboard due to the kickstand and flexible keyboard (so you have to go with just touch unless you use a table and then the height between table and chair may be too far off ergonomically). Couple that with only being able to run "Metro" apps plus crippled MS Office - and not having many "Metro" apps to choose from due to the catch 22 of "why develop apps for a platform with no users and why buy a platform with no apps", makes for an uncompelling release (the RT version at least).
I'm still having difficulties working out where a tablet would fit into my life.  The times I don't have a laptop to hand, I have an Android smartphone.  The tablets, as yet, can't replace a computer in terms of productivity/imaging software, so I still see them as toys.
there's too many good laptops available for ~$599; if I'm going to spend that much, I want a full featured OS, not a half-baked, crippled version.
Definitely waiting, too.  I want it to be great, but I'd rather wait than potentially blow $500+ on something that ends up sucking.
how can we install Ubuntu on that?
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