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I'm not a fan of these "added you back" Google+ notifications. What, you dumped me on Google? and now you want me back? Ignorance is bliss...

(I don't actually care. But it is weird.)

EDIT TO ADD: facepalm
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I'm pretty sure its just for people who are circling you for the first time. Unless you are noticing people who have circled you before showing up.
They are notifications about people circling you after you circled them
It just means that someone that you circled (previously), has now circled you (back).
I was of the understanding that that notification is just for when someone you've circled circles you back. Right? 
I only add people I want to receive posts from... my Followed and Followers are increasingly divergent sets. This is not Facebook, I don't view Google+ as a social network. More like an Idea network.
how do turn all notifications off (not individually but in  mass)

How does one turn off all  google notifications, not just annoying G+ messages
The default was chosen by committee. Just one button to turn off all notifications, and I would be happy to add them back individually. UI warning "Are you sure", of course.
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