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Surely I'm not the only one confused by Microsoft Office 365, Office 2013, and Office Web Apps
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I can dig Web Apps for home users and Office for enterprise, but why on earth would someone rent Office 365 for a year? 
I couldn't wait to use all the new features from 2013, so I time traveled back in time to use a beta version of Google Docs.
using crap from Microsoft nowadays is completely nonsense - besides we have Libre-Office, Gnome-Office (Gnumeric, Abiword), and Google Docs, i really wonder why some people insist still using ms-Office
I believe I've been confused with Microsloft since DOS / IBM's PC-DOS came out in the early eighties.  I started with DOS 1.1 with two 5 1/4" 360 k floppy drives to get my PCXT going and I've been playing catch-up ever since.  And, I believe the design in the product is such that no one can ever catch up with what's going on before a new release comes out.  That may be great for what used to be called Microsoft Internet Engineers, so they can make some money by working on people's computers for $$$, but not so much for the DIY people.  I wish linux wasn't scattered about amongst so many various customized tweaked platforms so all of us could have tossed MS long, long ago.  I think Sun Solaris gave it a great shot along with their Sparc workstations at one time.  If they only pursued their X86 product line better before HP scooped them up, I think we may have been using a lot more linux these days than we are now.  I believe many/most of the power servers rely on linux OSes to make their equipment run so well.
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