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Quick #research question: Do you sneak in personal project time or learning time while you're at work? If so, how?
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Yup. I work for a university that offers tuition benefits, so it's not exactly sneaking. Whenever I'm doing research on a project, though, I try to widen my net and bring in personal topics.
Sometimes, when my work jobs are not front burner items, I spend some time looking into other things, and sometimes, they get folded back into work projects. Not my hardware hacking, though.

We have a few free minutes each hour (i work in tech support) so I jump on my blogs to read and respond to comments. I also have Facebook and Twitter open 24/7 and, as long I keep my kpi high, my boss leaves me to it. 
Yes mam'. Usually during the end of the day once I take care of all my daily tasks for work. Unless the system goes down and we have to wait for it to come back up. Then it's go time for everything else.
I don't sneak, I do it openly - my job doesn't take 40 hours a week to do, and my boss knows it.
I work as an engineer designing products and I'm usually going back and forth from the lab to my desk. During those times at my desk I will usually work in some time for my outside projects, as a break. I'm not very sneaky about it. My outside projects look like my normal work.
Absolutely.  Part of my job directives are to stay current and innovate.  That requires constant research and experimentation.  Obviously my "hard" tasks come before these "soft" ones, but I can usually find a few hours a week for some personal project that expands my skill set.  And I don't feel like I'm sneaking or being unfair to my employer.
Built into a job in science is learning new things. So yes. I take time to learn new things all the time. Or refine what I already know. 
Well, I teach English at a local University, and one of the things I try to promote is to be always learning about the world. So yes, I do take class time to see what's new, innovative and creative around the world. Yesterday we we're taking a look at Sapporo Festival in Japan.
I never had to sneak it.  Back in my office days, my boss always asked.. "So what do you want to learn? " And he'd pay to send me there!  He had a budget for employee education.  How cool is that?!?
You're welcome.  You lifehacker guys got me thinking about doing my own research and blogging about it...and then sneaking it in at work. ;p  Nice piece.
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