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Would you jump off a nearly vertical drop into a pool of sharks (granted, you're separated by glass)--if you were afraid of heights, prone to panic attacks, and thought you might have a heart attack on the way down? Going to Atlantis in two weeks! Can't wait, but am not so sure about this leap of faith thing.
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"would you jump off a nearly vertical drop into a pool of sharks"
although I wil be seperated by a glass, I will fall vertically that means death, right? (before watching vid)
Sure I'll do it (after watching vid)
They have a lazy river where you ride your tube through the shark tank, too. That's even scarier because you go through it soooo slowly.
It is fun! And it is in Asia... Dubai to be exact! ;)
That's not the one in The Bahamas?
Absolutely... Life is about acknowledging obstacles, challenging them head on, and then basking in the glory of personal growth and victory!

...or dropping dead of fright... whichever comes first... just sayin
It's in The Atlantis (Bahamas and Dubai). I've been on the one in Dubai.
Cool, but there are no sharks in the tank at the end of the water slide! No fun!
Yeah you don't really see sharks when on the slide because they aren't in that section/you're going too fast. But all the slides are really fantastic!! Just don't look down. ;)
Have a few beers first. Then do it!
Do it and use one of those camera swim masks :3
This is one of the best things about Atlanis. There is also a dual-racer one on the backside that is less steep, but not as fun. Do the Leap of Faith! Just make sure to cross your legs though!
No, way Jose (Nothing against anyone whose name is jose :)) Edit: actually watchid the video this time, and that looks awesome!!!!!!!!
BTW Melanie great article on Lifehacker on Home coffee roasting, alway wanted to do that, gave me alot of ideas TY
+Adam Furlong Ah, thanks for that tip re: leg crossing. If I decide to risk heart failure, that is. ;)
+Casey Parker Yeah, it's a resort in the Bahamas and Dubai with waterparks. I'm mainly going to swim with dolphins.
Ok, you're all much braver than I am. If you don't hear from me in 2.5 weeks, you'll know I'm still in the Bahamas (permanently perhaps).
oh awesome, spam posts. that didn't take long.
Didn't mean to post that twice. I thought this group might be interested in fun, new water products. My apologies if it was inappropriate.
You have to do the Leap of Faith. Did it in Dubai and it was amazing!
I'd stick with the dolphins, that looks terrifying. 
+Anne Jennings Ever the voice of reason (I knew there was a reason we're friends; you're the only one who's trying to save my life ;)). The more I think about this, the less I know what to do. Isn't that a zen conundrum?
Isn't the leap of faith an idea from a video game?
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