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Just got back from a quick trip to San Francisco to visit the Autodesk offices, their Pier 9 maker-space, and a client project site with the #AutoCAD team.
Managed to nerd it up pretty good with my wardrobe choices.

The dress had JavaScript code on it, since I know it's not close enough to read.
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This is sooooo exciting! Seriously. I may need to start collecting Lego figures!

In case you can't recognize them in their Lego form, left to right: Margaret Hamilton (computer scientist, who wrote the code to get humans to moon); Katherine Johnson (NASA research mathematician); Sally Ride (astronaut); Mae Jemison (astronaut); and Nancy Grace Roman (astronomer).

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Why 40 Year Old Tech is Still Running America's Traffic Control

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20 Phrases Even Smart People Misuse

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Notepad++ tip
Replacing a text string across a directory
Since I have been working with my company, I have learned about LOADS of great tools. For example, Beyond Compare , when keeping files synced across multiple environments (like development and production). Another great one is FileLocator Lite , because, yo...

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You know, I kinda want to keep the swag my company is sending me to #AU2016 with...



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