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Melanie Mallon
Wishing public transportation consisted entirely of slides
Wishing public transportation consisted entirely of slides

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Arguimg with Alexander over whether his sister is in fact a hobo.

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Came home from #skepchickcon to a hug & kiss pile-on from kids and dog. Mentally and physically exhausted but happy.

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Help raise money for science education and outreach, and as a bonus, Psychic Surly Amy will give psychic readings live on camera if we reach our goal. Please help spread the word!

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Teen Skepchick Blog Show, episode 2: Really interesting, you guys! Nice job!

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Melanie Mallon hung out with 4 people. #hangoutsonairEdward Strickson, Mox Tan, Mindy Townsend, and Lauren J

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Google+ extension developers (I'm looking at you, Crossrider), here are my demands:

* Add access to Facebook groups in the extension.
* Enable commenting on Facebook without leaving Google+.
* Twitter extension (this is under development, I know, but really, it's been a day already--in Internet terms, that's like 10 years)
* The ability to stop time in one click.

You don't want to see what happens to this cute little kitty if you don't meet my demands. That is all.

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So, anyone know how I can get G+ to stop asking me to enable chat? I've clicked enable and I've clicked cancel and the window keeps popping up randomly when I change streams, even in streams where I've already clicked. Annoying.
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