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Hey Friends!!!!!  This account will be going away soon so please follow me on over to my new G+ account!!!!   melanieLcolley  
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+Michael Braicu made me the best espressos ever!!!  Had an Awesome time at The #ShakyBootsFestival  and hanging out with my older sis, +Celeste Eatherton !!!!!!!  
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Hola melanie
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beauty full woman pic
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Good morning to you friends and wantok's around the globe.
Look I am starting back my family business here on Guadalcanal in the capital Honiara, Solomon Islands.
I worked with Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel one of the premier Hotels that got its name as founder of the hotel in Solomon Islands.
The hotel was build in early 50's after the second world war 1942 to 1945.
I started working in the hotel when name is still called Mendana Hotel as according to Solomon Islands histories that Alvaro de Mendana discover Solomon Islands in 1568. Now the hotel bought by a Japanese company called Kitano Construction in 1989 and the name changed to Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel with due respect the name Mendana and Kitano was farely respected till today and it's supremacy leading the accommodation hospitality environmental friendly like other places in the South Pacific countries today.

I am working as a Japanese Guide for the past 29yrs for the Hotel and real love my job. I then startup a family business to help run tours for friends who like to see where world war II ends in the South Pacific and no where else but Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. I involved a lot with Japanese remains found and cremated and send back to Japan for proper burials.

I even help one of our famous historian call Mr. Micheal Ramosaea and Mr. John Innes both had help me a lot and with Japanese I thanked Mr. Susumu Kikumoto, Mr. Narita, Mr. Shingaki, and Mr. Y-SATO, Mr. Atsushi Shigei of Japanese Bereaved Families Association, Mr. Kanko Sakitsu Zen Koku Solomon Kai Association, Mr. Masa Yamagata General Manager Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel whom I am well versed with both sides of the World War II histories and backgrounds of these battles on the Islands of Solomon Islands. Now I open the door to help anyone who is interested to visit our country Solomon Islands I can assist them.

This is my logo of my small business based in Honiara, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands.
This is my contacts:

Mr. Francis Deve
Director / Operation Manager
Wantok Inbound Tour's & Travel Services
Mendana Avenue,
C/- P.O. BOX 384 or (1231)
Honiara, Solomon Islands.

PH: (677) 7473290 / (677) 7822109 or (677) 20071/2

WB: deve or wantok inbound tours & Travel services.

Please help me share my stories to your friends who might plan their holidays in Solomon Islands.

We offer three types of Tours on Guadalcanal,
* East Battlefields
* Central Overviews of Iron Bottom Sound
* West Battlefields
* Experiences night life styles in Honiara
* Snorkeling
* Diving
* Bush trekking

and Visit to other Islands like 

* Day trip to Savo Volcanic Island,
* Florida's Tulagi Day trip,
* Nugu Resort Day Trip 
* Tour to Malaita Province, Solomon Islands experiences Malaita Culture and the environments.

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Hey G+ friends. ..I'm creating a new account and would love for those that want to join me to follow me on

I'd love to see you there!!
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+Simon Hirst Awesome!
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Show girls and women everywhere you're on their side. Sign the petition now!
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Yes...I have done it...I am officially an essential oils user, lover and distributor.  If you would like to give it a go just send me your questions!  I will hook you up with some awesome oils and get you started on a great journey to health, healing and well being!!!
Put the power of nature to work! #3490 v.9
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Please help us!!!  We would like to get your opinion
get an impossible otter free t-shirt by reviewing our stories and learning modalities
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If you own a business and are tired of YELP check this site out...great place to get your happy customers to post thier testimonial about you and your business...all positive....all the time!!
Local Business Reviews & Testimonials by Happy Clients Customers
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Have her in circles
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Self Employed.... Loving Life...... Making things happen.....
making massive connections, taking massive action, getting massive results
  • The 7 Minute Mirror Coaching
    Life Coach, Speaker, Rainmaker, present
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Personal & Business Results Coach
Success is not a measurement, It's a Movement!!

With my very long history of working with people I am now in a position to help others grow. 

I have been in the medical field for 28 years and within those years have also created and managed my own businesses, helped others with theirs and did all I can and more to help people, especially women achieve great self esteem and encouraged their growth. 

I have written a book that is now on Amazon, The 7 Minute Mirror, Reflection, ReVision, Results and am writing my next book, The 7 Minute Mirror a Second Look,  and have a few other books in the works. 

I created 2 online radioshows and will be pursuing that again.

I have the ability to make others comfortable and really think about whats next in their lives.


Life coaching, speaking,  Charity Partnerships, Connecting B2B

member of :




Women Speakers Association

CHECK THIS OUT  :  to see the first book of the series and to book your coaching session!

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Making things happen all over the world!
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I have been to many applebees with an enjoyable experience, however this is the first time I used car side service. We ordered salads (of which we have ordered in store previously) only to find after picking them up and taking them home that there was a layer of lettuce only a dollars worth of chicken and no plastic forks or spoons. The Chicken was cold but the menu states its grilled chicken. I won't use carside service again if I am going to pay upwards of $20+ and get little to no chicken and not even utensils to enjoy it.
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I have been with the Troy Group now since 2005! Damon and his staff have always been on top of things. They are really friendly and go above and beyond to get done what needs to get done. Damon gives great advice and always follows up to make sure I am covered and have all I need. They are there for the big questions and the little ones and they are why I have been a loyal customer and will remain a loyal customer! I HIGHLY recommend Damon and the Troy Group Team!!
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