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Melanie Brockwell
Heart Alchemy: The Art of Not Knowing
Heart Alchemy: The Art of Not Knowing

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There is no key because there is no door of separation. We are always where we need to be, on time, on purpose. The only difference is can we see that this is true?

What needs to change for this to be true?
Why is it about change?
Tell me your story and i'll show you how to live an effortless life :)

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What would it be like to live without rules? To truly be free to listen to your intuitive guidance and feel loved no matter what...

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And be sure to watch todays show -

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What would it really take to have peace on Earth?

Read a channelling from the wee hours of this morning...

In order to be whole, connected and flowing we need to be tuned to the symphony of life. The language of wholeness in inclusive and seeks to understand rather than judge or separate into categories. What is it that binds us, that makes us complete and worthwhile in this moment?

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I've wanted to make a pop-up book for ages! These are a great inspiration...

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Next week's show. Sure to be a doozie!
Creating the reality you want!  What comes first experience or belief?
How to be certain what you know is true?
Your experience is determined by perception so in order to understand your experience you have to understand the nature of perception. 
How to understand the nature of perception ?
How to know what to focus on so you stay present to your embodied experience?
This weeks show will help you recognise that the more questions we answer the more questions you will have to which only you have the answer. 
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