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A breathtaking video that captures all of Israel's natural beauty. Sit back and enjoy!
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If this is true, them what?!
Science confirms the Bible
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Is the universe eternal or is there a beginning and an end to the universe? Science points to the second theory. If that is the case, they what or whom created the universe?!
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+Mel Williams my theory is the simplest to explain and involves far less assumption and co theories. The Big Crunch is probably bologna. A deep freeze is more possible, but wouldn't last forever due to observations of black holes spitting out matter and energy at really big numbers.

I think that everything will, because of black holes, be drawn together again to create a single singularity.

There is a theory out now that we are already in a black whole also, you might wanna check it it because it is very interesting.
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Mel Williams

Epistemology  - 
What came first? Mind or matter?
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I mean technically what the mind perceives as matter came first, unless there was some divine entity that created all matter.
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Mel Williams

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Consider this your invitation! Campbell Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. Campbell NY, on Route 415.

Worship 11am. 
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Mel Williams

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Please discuss this statement: Science can tell us how systems and processes function, but it never will be able to tell us from where life comes. 
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+Nyasha Zvirahwa yeah, I can dig it, but science as practiced today is about breaking things into PARTS of a system, and micro-investigation into the WAY things work..."system" science uses specialists that rarely see the whole picture, and I think we'd have to revive renaissance principles--contemplation of the whole--to REALLY understand why life exists, but my answer is still the same--life is anti entropy, because although life forms themselves die, THE SPECIES EVOLVES...
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Quote from Dr Ming Wang: "I did not find in science the answers to life's questions for which I was searching. Actually, the more I learned about science, the more-not less-evidence that I saw of God's creation and design. For example, as I was becoming an opthalmologist and learning about the inner workings of the eye, the amazing and logical arrangement of photoreceptors, ganglion cells, and neurons, I realized that there is absolutely no way that an intricate structure such as a human eye could ever evolve from a random compilation of cells. The very complexity of a human eye is, in fact, the most powerful evidence of the existence of God." Dr Ming Wang is one of the world's foremost laser eye surgeons, PhD, and MD. 
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+John Hargrove
Actually, from eastern point of view you are right. It does not make a difference whether God or Man created the eye. As the Vedas declare, "Aham Brahmosmi" (I am Brahman). So man is part of God and is God too!
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“The world is experiencing an unprecedented crisis of international religious freedom," U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.), author of the bill, said.
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That's fucked up. 
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Mel Williams

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Lexham Press is giving away the five-volume, complete Unseen Realm bundle—including The Unseen Realm, Supernatural, I Dare You Not to Bore Me with the Bible, and two companion books, The Unseen Rea…
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Not my way but His...
If I were stuck on a deserted island, I'd prefer to have my family with me, a Bible, and a guitar. God's presence is always with me, and I'd like to share what I know with you.

I have over 25 years experience playing guitar, and over 10 years experience teaching guitar.
Almost all styles, all levels- beginner to advanced. I love teaching music theory for the guitar and working with other like minded musicians, artists, scholars, seekers of the truth, and those who know there has to be more to this life than what the mainstream media sells to us! 

I especially like helping young families, and worship musicians who want to improve their craft for the glory of God. 

Even if you don't believe in God, you may find my approach to guitar and life to be realistic and refreshing...

Give me a try and let me show you that although guitar is a challenging instrument, learning to play it will change your life and of those nearest to you...
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Performed in a master class for grammy award winning guitarist David Russell among others. Earned a Master's Degree in Worship Studies at Liberty University with a specialization in ethnomusicology.
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