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Mel Riffe
I wear pants, short pants.
I wear pants, short pants.

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"I Owe, I Owe; it's off to work I go"... I'd rather be gaming... #whining 


I'm hoping someone can help. And, if this has been asked & answered, I apologize; please point me to an online reference.

In the campaign I'm writing my PCs may have an opportunity to book passage on a long ship. Q: what kind of rates could my PCs encounter? noble class? commoner class? poor class? what if they wanted to work for their rates?

Also, instead of traveling by ship, my PCs may elect to travel, most likely by horse. Has anyone calculated a per/day cost for such travel? In addition to themselves booking a room at an inn, what about boarding their horse and buying feed.

Any suggestions or guidance will be greatly appreciated.

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Hello Everyone! waves

My name is Mel and I'm a long-time RPG player. I just backed the Mutant: Mechatron Kickstarter because the game looks and sounds so cool. I can't wait to jump in, though, honestly, I'm knee-deep in a D&D 5e campaign I'm writing for my son and his friends so I'm not exactly sure when my first game will be.

Seems like Mechatron will be stand alone but I want to get the 'full effect' of the Mutant: Year Zero universe. And, having asked the question in the KS project, it seems like I should get the Core Books for Year Zero and GenLab Animals.

Is there anything else I should get from:

Thanks for any guidance and feedback I may receive.

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I may need an intervention; I just backed Mutant: Mechatron on Kickstarter. And now I'm looking to get Mutant: Year Zero and (possibly) Mutant: GenLab Alpha. I may need to be stopped from collecting anymore RPGs. :-D

However, until then...

Full Disclosure: I'm a complete OneNote newb. I didn't start looking at it until this group was formed. However, I do have a version from MS Office 2010. But it appears I also have the Windows 10 version. What kind of issues should I expect if I try to use both? Can I use both? What do I give up using 1 version over another? (I wonder what version was installed on my Android phone).

Thanks for any assistance or guidance.

UPDATE: I can't use the Mac version because I'm still on 10.9.5 :-(

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Come join me for FG-Con 10:

The more the merrier!

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It’s time for a small terminology change: chapters. I’m constructing ‘chapters’ to the campaign story. We will RP each ‘chapter’ in one or more gaming sessions, or just sessions. Within each ‘chapter’, there will be 1 or more combat encounters, or just…

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Just set a reminder to sign up for the game City Of Mist, run by +Eric Lamoureux...

So excited!

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I'll post more information about the new local comic book shop that's opened up close to me, but I wanted to share this new series I've started to read:

The link I shared is the beginning of the series. There's a TBP for the next set of comic books, and they're up to 6 comic books for the next part of the saga.

*Highly Recommended*

The art work is gorgeous and the story is engaging. At times I felt like I was looking upon a piece of art, the illustrations are so beautiful and moving.

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Welp; just watched a video from Uncle Bob ( - guess it's really time to learn Clojure.

Lisp has been on my list of "Languages To Learn" for quite a while. I feel it, like my Smalltalk, is foundational: concepts and constructs upon which you can build a career.

I had been thinking Elixir/Erlang, and even at one point I was thinking Haskell was going to be my 'next' language. However, I'm moving Clojure to the top of the list.

Wish me luck.
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