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When it come to this
Spoken word or poetry
It's simply Mel a.k.a
As the rhythm o.g.
All rights reserved,
Can't take the heat
Or stand the rain
Then you get
Can't stay in one
Lane cause I swagger
With the swerve.
They see the skill
Level and it's hard
To calm they nerves.
Let me see how
Can I rethink and
I speak from the heart.
Not a clown so go some
Where else to find amusement.
Scroll up and watch how
I lay down this muse
Real quick.
Like waves my creativity
Flow in tidal movement.
Keep Sharp with the
Lyrical content just
For sport.
Verse by verse versatile
How I hold court
But who are the haters
To judge what I does.
If i die today hopefully
I fly today but will
They ever really know
Who he was.
I was born with
The juice while
Non-believers is
Looking for the
Not knowing your
Worth have you
In all the wrong
Places looking for
Fake love.
Everything seem
Sure footed until
They pulled the
More styles then
Numbers to a burner
When it come to
Pain vs. Progress
I'm right at home.
Not being true
To yourself during
The process is
The only thing
I can't condone.

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