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so, we had a nice outing to celebrate our anniversary, and God provided us with lovely weather for being out and about - but the highlight of the day was before we went out at all: listening to a recording of our wedding.

we were both in tears. it was just so so so moving to hear it. I think we did listen to the tape once, very early on. but now, 13 years later - it was wonderful to hear it all again: the songs, the prayers, the vows, the sermon - it was all so moving.

(we'd written our own vows. we'd put together the whole service - using some stuff from existing liturgy but editing and rephrasing and adding and rewriting and basically not settling for anything that we didn't feel we could say wholeheartedly.)

also: had drinks in a nice pub. took a leisurely stroll in one of our favourite places (Petworth Park - which is where I took this photo). looked for a place to have supper, had various adventures and ended up at a nice restaurant five minutes' walk from home... I'm pretty sure there's a metaphor there.

and now it's good night from me, and back to quentin in the studio.
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Isn't wedded bliss wonderful!
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Meirav M.

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Happy internaut day!

not to be confused with the official birthday of the web - 6 August 1991, when Tim Berners-Lee published the very first web page. 23 August is, apparently, the date he opened it up to the public.

we've come a long way! we have cat gifs!
The internet has been publicly accessible for 25 years now.
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Meirav M.

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Decided to sparkle today because wedding anniversary :-)
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Congratulations and Best Wishes!!!
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Meirav M.

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throwback non-thursday

tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, so I messed about with one of the photos from the wedding ceremony - seems fitting to create a blurry image, as the day felt very much like a blur :)

the scene is a bit unusual... ("a bit" being my nod to the British custom of understatement) - bride and groom are standing under a chuppa (Jewish wedding canopy) and in a normal Jewish wedding there'd be a rabbi next to them, but the guy standing there is actually an Anglican priest. He used to be my vicar when I lived in London, and we stayed friends. He happily agreed to come and perform the ceremony for us.

the wedding was at a small chapel near where my in-laws live, and we had an afternoon reception in their garden. (we kept the numbers small, not just because of the venue but because we're both introverts and can't cope with huge crowds.) in the evening we went off to start our honeymoon, and a couple of weeks later returned to the house hunting project (had tried looking before the wedding but didn't find anything, so we lived in a guest house for a while and went on looking).

this was 13 years ago. amazing how time flies!
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Ah, I've been waiting for this annual post to come up. I knew it was imminent. Happy 13th! Isn't it wonderful how times just keep getting better?
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Meirav M.

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The first one to go back and I don't want you so so much for your birthday and we can go out to the hospital for the next few weeks and then we will have a great time and place it on my phone

Yes, i decided to play with the contextual prediction thing again 😃

And as an extra bonus, here's a pic I took last night, showing the exciting moment when I overtook my husband on the Snakes and Ladders board 😃

(yes, it's the British equivalent of what y'all call chutes and ladders.)
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I didn't realise the Americans called it Chutes and Ladders!

(And I love the prediction sentence!) 
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Meirav M.

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stumbled upon a rather upmarket pub in our travels today.

lemonade in a posh bottle. organic. and confusingly it says Devon but it also says Sicilian Lemonade.

was nice though. and we had a fab view from our bench.
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Meirav M.

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when all else fails, read the manual...

(not that I got a manual with the phone when I bought it. manuals are so last century, right? but I've downloaded the pdf from the Huawei website.)

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That's sorta how HTC used to handle calls. They've changed tat back to basic buttons. But it's still used for other things.
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Meirav M.

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Yikes! I've just discovered that I don't know how to answer the phone when it rings!

(my smartphone, I mean. gulp. and it didn't identify the number so I can't call whoever it was back.)

edit: I've found the answer. phew.
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Yeah, it is sort of the opposite of how my phone works. Here's a screenshot of my phone's answer screen. I'm expected to start in the red or green circle and drag outward from it a certain distance.
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Meirav M.

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and now it's time
to say good night
good night
sleep tight

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Meirav M.

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I've been spending at the store again and my funds are down to 42. Had to pause and take a screenshot :-)

(no, I'm not bored with Fishdom yet)
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Meirav M.

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Trying out the image-making feature on the YouVersion Bible app.
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How is YouVersion. I've tried a couple of others but haven't found one I really like yet. 
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Meirav M.

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So, on the growing list of meirav-smartphone-firsts (as in: first time I did xyz on the smartphone), today I did a big chunk of Bible reading on my phone and it was great!

I'd been wanting to do this for a while - to read through the whole of Hebrews in one sitting - but whenever I've tried in the past, I'd start and then get sidetracked into some question or other, or just get really excited about something I noticed, or... various variations on Ooh, butterfly.

Somehow I found that reading it on my phone, I stayed with it a lot more easily. If there were verses that stood out for me I just highlighted them and carried on reading. It's just really easy to keep scrolling and reading on the phone.

(Using the YouVersion app. I'd tried a few different ones and this is the one where the UI feels intuitive to me.)
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I use YouVersion too. All the social stuff is annoying to me but the app is still the most polished one on the app store.
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