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Look, everybody, look what +Heidi Bouman found for me - a purple door with dancing scissors! yay!
What are the odds of finding a purple door with dancing scissors on it +Meirav M. ?

Sorry about the over exposure, wrong time of day ;)

#purple #portals #amsterdam
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I don't know why I read Edward Scissorhands in that.
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Meirav M.

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nite nite, plusverse.
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+Kathryn Huxtable Ah, could be, could very well be :)
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Meirav M.

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Oh, and for those who remember my recent adventures with the photo booth - I'm happy to report that I managed to use the thing today. Mission "get a photo that makes me look so miserable I want to die right now" successfully accomplished.

(seriously, they won't allow you to smile or to show any expression on your face. they want you to look miserable. ok, DVLA, you want miserable, you got miserable. hope that makes you happy...)

(got to renew my driving licence. DVLA are the guys in charge of that. they have very strict standards for the photos.)

(also: wow, did I really change so much in the last ten years? the pic on my old driving licence looks like this bright-eyed youngster...)
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My passport photo makes me look like I suffered a stroke. I was trying really hard to have a neutral face that I was frowning a bit... my driver's license, while it's renewed every 5 years, I looked way better in the last frowny photo, but am sad they wouldn't let me reuse it!
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Meirav M.

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blogging done, laundry done, now I'm off to the supermarket.

tomorrow we're supposed to be getting a heatwave, so today is my chance to enjoy being able to actually think straight, be creative, make sensible decisions at the supermarket... once we get above 25C it's bye bye brain.

laters, folks.
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Meirav M.

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Amazing love - how can it be...
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Meirav M.

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wrote this poem a while ago, felt like bringing it out of the cobwebs today.

#God   #Jesus   #thankful  
Lord, I come to you knowing that it's sorted knowing that all the stuff I've said and done all the evil thoughts I've nursed all the nasty, yucky stuff that's in me - it's all sorted, dealt with, n...
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Meirav M.

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so far, so good, but...

today is hot here (by British standards, obviously - to Florida folk this probably counts as winter weather) (26C=78.8F, 20C=68F, just to help the Celsius-challenged among you) but there's a bit of a breeze and humidity isn't high.

tomorrow is expected to be only a teensy bit hotter (going up to 27C=80.6F) but humidity is expected to go up, and then to stay up for the rest of the week. which means bye bye to my brain for a while... I'd better make the most of it today, while it's still functioning :)
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Meirav M.

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yay, my blog is back to how it was before. yay.

(actually I've even improved one of the widgets whilst I was at it, so silver linings...)
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Meirav M.

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and once again the way back machine saves my bacon.

(because this way I can see what widgets I had on my blog before that oops moment earlier.)
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You can see my old website there. Go back a few years though, some Japanese porn company bought the domain after I dropped it. 
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Meirav M.

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was idly looking at possible alternative themes for my blog on wordpress, but brain not in gear and accidentally clicked on a button that I shouldn't have and now I have to redo all my widgets...

(for a brief moment my home page was populated by cute animals, but I've got rid of them.)

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Meirav M.

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dear weather forecast,

that out there is never 20C. no way, nohow.


someone who has just come back from the supermarket and changed to shorts, and would quite like her brain back.

it's hot out there.
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+Caroline Lobban me too - not good at coping with the heat, not without air con, and here people don't do air con much because we don't get real heat very often.
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Meirav M.

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one evening last week

#skyphotography   #beautyofcreation  
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