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so much beautiful floral stuff coming into my stream right now. yay.

also: more pink and green for +Mz Maau 
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I believe this is magnolia.
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Meirav M.

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so, people, fill me in. I haven't had the time for checking out my plus stream today. did I miss anything exciting? are you all still alive and kicking? has the penguin been providing you with enough cookies?

please leave your comment after the beep.

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+Meirav M. elbows are, overall, therapist keeps reminding me that progress doesn't mean "all better" means better overall.  

(That wasn't the reminder I wanted, but it prolly is the one I needed) :D
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Meirav M.

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messing with yahrzeit candle pics

version 2
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(note to self: no special features, just tweaked exposure settings, with brightness pushed all the way down and contrast all the way down, plus a bit of highlights and a bit of shadows.)
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Meirav M.

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continuing to play with editing pics of my mum.

this one is from 2005 (so she was 87 then), on a visit to see relatives who had a little boy. I thought it was nice the way she was smiling at him. (I tried cropping so he wouldn't be visible but that made it look super weird, like she's looking down for no reason. so I fuzzed him instead, because public post.)

the #yahrzeit is officially over now but I'm still in the mood for this stuff.
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and now, people, my brain is totally... what was I saying?

#goodnightgoogleplus  mumble mumble. penguin. cookies. mumble mumble.
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+Olav Folland they're the best. especially the herring variety.
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Have her in circles
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Meirav M.

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and it's such a yummy smell!


h/t +Paul Hartzer.
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Rosin by itself is pretty yummy smelling. I'm thinking of violin and ballet classes now.
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Meirav M.

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though it's not how I personally came to faith in Jesus. when I first met him I didn't weigh up the historic claims, I didn't feel the need to. but over time I've heard and read more and more confirmations to show me I'm on the right track. and part of that encouragement to me is in the accounts of those people who have tried to prove it false, and were surprised to find themselves believing - people I've met in person, like the one who was in my church in London who had been a staunch atheist and came to an Alpha course meeting to show those Christians where they're wrong... Or people who have written books as a result, like the guy who wrote Who Moved the Stone.

or, not from an atheist perspective but from a Jewish perspective (which obviously interests me personally), there's Stan Telchin who set out to prove to his daughter that she was wrong, studied the Scriptures in depth and came to the opposite conclusion than the one he had expected, and became a Jewish follower of Jesus. (He wrote a book about it, called Betrayed, which I highly recommend if you're Jewish and don't believe in Jesus yet.)

I believe in Jesus not just because of this stuff, not even primarily because of this stuff - but this stuff is there, and I know that for some people this article would be helpful, because we all have different questions that we struggle with, different doubts that get in the way, different obstacles to faith in Jesus. I present it to you in case it is of help to you.

if you choose to comment here, please keep it civil and courteous, on topic, and constructive. this is not a public urinal. thanks.


h/t private share, for which I'm thankful.
This belief has been a source of contention with many people, even Christians, in the past. But the more I research, the more I find it to be the case that Christianity is the only viable worldview...
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+Anthony Fink yup, those are some of the points that I've found along the way and that have strengthened my faith. The willingness of those very early disciples to die rather than deny him - and those were people who had actually been there and seen the events for themselves. And the story being so crazy in a sense, so unimaginable - not the sort of deity humans could invent.
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Meirav M.

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messing with yahrzeit candle pics

version 1
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(note to self: used cross process feature but paintbrushed the outside of the candle holder to make it visible again, so only the background is dark.)
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day 6 of my #fivedayquest (if you can have a 5-part trilogy then you can have day 6 of a five day quest) and this time you get three pics.

we start with my lunch, which consisted of matza with guacamole and salt beef. a pretty yummy combo, in my view.

the next pic is the yahrzeit candle as today is a year since my mum died. the candle has been lit since sunset last night, and is still doing its thing - I'm finding it kind of symbolic to watch the candle getting smaller and smaller and think of a life coming to an end.

and the third pic is what's going to be supper this evening - I took the pic just before adding boiling water and putting the casserole in the oven to cook. it's my Jewish style chicken casserole, which is now filling the house with smells that remind me of home. (it's mainly the smell of Telma chicken soup, which thankfully the supermarket where I shop does actually stock.) there's something very comforting in that.

seeing as I'm breaking the rules of the game by carrying on past the five day limit, I think I'm going to break more rules and say: tag, you're it - but only if you want to, obviously. I'm sure there are plenty of you who haven't yet been tagged by anyone and would like to play, so go for it, you are hereby invited! it's fun!

#fivedayquest   #whyonlyfive   #rulebreakingisfun  
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Guacamole is great with just about anything! I wish you had smells-internet cause the chicken looks amazing and I know must smell fantastic! I'll be eating food truck food tonight as our church is taking over the botanical gardens downtown for an Oklahoma City metro wide Good Friday service. Although I'm not well, I'm going anyway! I figure God will bless my effort and desire and will NOT let this get worse! 
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Meirav M.

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remind me not to go on twitter on good friday. much gruesome. so visual. gory.

and yes, yes, I know the original event wasn't pretty but I really don't think it's a brilliant idea to shove the gore in everyone's face like some are doing.


also, why do I keep going to twitter? it just so doesn't work for me as a platform. so why do I keep thinking I'll give it another try? I hate the soundbite thing, I hate the feeling that a zillion people are just throwing stuff into the air and the chances of an actual conversation are miniscule, and that most of the time you have to assume that nobody is actually going to read what you said. pointless, when I can type fully-formed thoughts and ramblings here on plus and people actually read and engage with what I'm saying.

I think twitter for me is like that really unsatisfying snacky thing that you keep trying again every once in a while because lots of people are raving about it. Every time you try it you think: "what's the point? it didn't taste nice and I'm still hungry."

#ilovegplus   #twitter  
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+Bob Lai ok, let me try and be more clear: I don't understand it either, but (a) it's not what I'm here to discuss (b) I'm sure the people who do it have good, meaningful reasons and if ever I wanted to understand, I'd look for someone to ask.
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Being real on social media since 2007
Shalom. greetings. aloha. hi. nice of you to pop round. put your feet up. coffee? there's biscuits in that tin over there, help yourself.

Who am I?

My name is Meirav. I'm human. My penguin's name is Quentin. I enjoy meeting fellow humans online. I like good intelligent discussion, as well as a good healthy dose of frivolity. I'm fascinated by human nature. I love words and languages. I'm bilingual - grew up in Israel speaking both Hebrew and English. I write. I blog. I have a tendency to speak my mind, sometimes a bit bluntly. (That means if I pay you a compliment, you can know it's for real.) I'm married. I live in England. I'm Jewish. I'm a fallible and imperfect follower of Jesus. I like cats, though currently I don't have any pets. I love chocolate. I'm an introvert, which means I need lots of solitude and quiet and time to hear myself think, and I don't do well in crowds and/or noise, which is part of why I find online social networking so valuable. I love reading. I don't currently own a TV. I have a strong aversion to order and structure, and a deep need for a certain level of chaos in my environment. I am annoyingly pedantic and tend to take words very literally. I like buying pretty stationery. I like purple, and pink. and I like randomly listing stuff :)

I keep rewriting the bit about photography here, because it's been evolving so much. I started out (in 2010) just pointing at things and snapping, but this whole thing grew on me and now I'd say I am someone who uses a camera to create visual art.

In terms of the technical side, I'm a pretty clueless beginner with a simple point & shoot camera. But I get a huge kick out of taking shots of stuff that I see and sharing some of them with the rest of the world. I'm fascinated by shapes and textures and colours and I love chopping a random rectangle out of the world around me and presenting just that bit, without context - it's the aesthetics I'm into, not the documentary value. Sometimes I mess around with a photo and turn it into an image that is not attempting to be realistic. Digital photo editing tools allow me to take a piece of photography and use it as art material. One of my friends said that what I do is painting without paint. I like that.


If I've added you, that could be because you said something intelligent in a comment somewhere/your posts look interesting/your profile looks like you might be fun to get to know/I think I know you from somewhere/someone I respect recommended you/a whole load of other reasons. It doesn't mean I expect you to add me back, nor does it mean I necessarily want to be your bestest friend forever and ever. If you want to add me and read my posts, that's cool! Most of my posts are public, and comments are very welcome (as long as they're on topic and courteous, obviously). If you interact with me on my posts, I might get to discover what a fab person you are and add you back. (Though it's perfectly ok to just read quietly and not say anything, if that's what you're comfortable with.)

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to getting to know you more.

p.s. I don't do Hangouts. I much prefer typing to people than doing that face-to-face live conversation thing where you have to think up answers on the spot and you can't edit and rephrase or delete that totally stupid rash comment - it's bad enough having to do that offline, I don't come to G+ for more of the same. I'm a socially awkward penguin. That's just the way it is.

Yes, I have a wall. Yes, you can write on it.
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