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been fiddling around a bit more with photo editing, learning new skillz.

in the process, I discovered this alternate universe, in which the grass is pink and people get duplicated.

grass pic by me; selfie by me
software used: ms paint; picmonkey
butterflies and tree and clouds: picmonkey

#digitalart   #photoediting  
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\o/ Thank you!
it is a pretty fun universe for sure :D
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Meirav M.

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Hey, +Amy Knepper, Chumley the bear was very excited to hear it's your birthday!

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happy belated birthday wishes :)
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Meirav M.

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Level 9 Squee Alert

(also: I warned you I post cats, right?)

h/t +Jill Huxtable.
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Meirav M.

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Quentin's cousin has come over to fix things. He looks like he knows what he's doing, right?


h/t +Carrie Canup.
This Penguin Engineer is complete :)
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thank you for sharing :-)
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"I'm a [such-and-such] - if that bothers you, perhaps you should uncircle me"
(or perhaps you shouldn't)

Now and again I see these posts, where a person announces to all and sundry that they are [something that they expect some people to have a problem with] and that if you have a problem with that, perhaps you should uncircle them. Now before I go on I want to make it very clear that I'm not here to take issue with those who post that sort of stuff - I totally understand where they're coming from. In fact, I have the feeling I've done similar myself when sharing about a particular view I hold which is highly controversial. And I'm pretty sure I said something like that way back in the Nymwar days when I came out as a pseudonym user. I'm not here to have a go at those who post this sort of stuff - I'm here to talk about our reactions when we read it, or, more generally, when we discover that there is something that bothers us about a person. It could be an opinion, a religious belief, or something about the way they live - stuff that you feel strongly about, or else it wouldn't be an issue. I'm here to suggest that when someone says "if that bothers you, perhaps you should uncircle me", perhaps you shouldn't.

I have two specific examples in my mind. One was pretty recent and the issue was about the person's sexuality; another was a long time ago and it was to do with the person's strongly held views on abortion, to which I remember responding with something along the lines of: I get the impression we disagree on this, but I'm cool with disagreeing and staying friends. I have never regretted that, not for a minute. And not because either of us have changed our minds as a result - we haven't. But because there's more to this person than their views on abortion, just as there's more to me than mine; and I'd miss out on so much if I uncircled everyone who strongly disagreed with me about abortion, or about God, or about creation, or about sexuality, or about, I don't know, bacon.

I think it's really healthy to have people in your life who are a something-or-other-that-bothers-you. I started looking through my circles to see who might qualify for that, who posts stuff that bugs me, but I quickly stopped because, well, most people sometimes will, and if they don't it's probably because they just don't post much or because they keep to safe topics, which I think is kind of sad. I'd much rather get to know the whole person as they are than be shown some kind of airbrushed version.

When it comes to different points of view, I think it's healthy to be exposed to different ones - it can sharpen your thinking, it can give you insights into why people see things differently so you can understand them better, and it's a lot more interesting than just nodding with a bunch of people who agree with you.

When it comes to issues of how we live our lives, whether it's sexuality or food or recycling or whatever, I think it's really helpful to get to know people who do stuff that bothers you because it's in those personal connections that we can break the destructive power of prejudice and we can all see that we're each of us a human being who is sincerely trying to live as best we can. Sure, we're going to disagree about some of this stuff, and sometimes disagree very strongly. But let's disagree from a place of love and compassion and understanding, and not from a place of standing at a distance and throwing stones (or holding up placards).

So, my reaction when someone says "I'm a such-and-such and if that bothers you, perhaps you should uncircle me" is to say: whether that bothers me or not, that's not grounds for uncircling.

And perhaps this is the point where I should list some stuff about me that might bother you, in case you do want to uncircle me. I had someone recently walk off in a huff after discovering to his shock that he'd accidentally circled a Christian... so here, in case you haven't figured this out yet, is a list of some things about me that might bother you:

I'm a born-again evangelical Christian.
I'm a Messianic Jew.
I'm a creationist.
I'm a complementarian.
I'm pro-life.
I'm a Zionist Israeli.
I'm a car driver.
I'm a meat eater.
I sometimes post cat pics.
I don't eat bacon.
I do eat lasagna.

There's probably more. I'm sure someone might believe in uncircling people who share good night posts, or who have a virtual penguin. Or people who post long ramblings. Or people who post short bits of silliness. Or those whose first name ends with a V :)

anyway, my bottom line is really: don't uncircle people just because there's stuff about them that bothers you. you'll have a much more boring life if you do, and you'll never find out what fabulous people they are and how much you have in common, nor will you learn to understand where they're coming from. in fact, they'll remain "they" - forever distant, other, weird, people you "just don't understand". here's a tip: if you don't take the trouble to get to know someone, you won't be able to understand them.

#thisishowiplus   #gplusmusings   #uncircling  
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True that (re: men in feminist posts) however, just so everyone knows, the above post was just an example and not one I'm particularly passionate about. I just remember the post being almost those words exactly. =)
+Paul Hartzer 
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yawn, yawn
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chat to the penguin. he has da cookiz.
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herring? :)
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Meirav M.

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tonight's picmonkeying result
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love the radiance!
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Meirav M.

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once in a while a photo just bursts into your stream and fills you with wow.

this is one of those moments.
Antejentacular Ponderings

The coffee is ready so I'll ponder this image whilst I consider breakfast: good morning, welcome to my Wednesday.

#Antejentacular #Roger #Photography #MobilePhotography #Mobilography #MobilographyPAD2014
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Thanks for the share - much appreciated: your words are most kind.
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Meirav M.

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hey, everybody, it's Cats in Space!

h/t +Jordan Henderson.
See you later...
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I read the original poster as 'tuna' and thought well that's an odd food chain... O.o
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Meirav M.

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okies, people, the supermarket calls. time to go do the weekly food foraging exercise.

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sometime between this week and next Imma go for one of those to scour green plums, crystal sugar and japanese white wines... then it's time to make a batch of sweet plum wine... drool
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Being real on social media since 2007
Shalom. greetings. aloha. hi. nice of you to pop round. put your feet up. coffee? there's biscuits in that tin over there, help yourself.

Who am I?

My name is Meirav. I'm human. My penguin's name is Quentin. I enjoy meeting fellow humans online. I like good intelligent discussion, as well as a good healthy dose of frivolity. I'm fascinated by human nature. I love words and languages. I'm bilingual - grew up in Israel speaking both Hebrew and English. I write. I blog. I have a tendency to speak my mind, sometimes a bit bluntly. (That means if I pay you a compliment, you can know it's for real.) I'm married. I live in England. I'm Jewish. I'm a fallible and imperfect follower of Jesus. I like cats, though currently I don't have any pets. I love chocolate. I'm an introvert, which means I need lots of solitude and quiet and time to hear myself think, and I don't do well in crowds and/or noise, which is part of why I find online social networking so valuable. I love reading. I don't currently own a TV. I have a strong aversion to order and structure, and a deep need for a certain level of chaos in my environment. I am annoyingly pedantic and tend to take words very literally. I like buying pretty stationery. I like purple, and pink. and I like randomly listing stuff :)

I keep rewriting the bit about photography here, because it's been evolving so much. I started out (in 2010) just pointing at things and snapping, but this whole thing grew on me and now I'd say I am someone who uses a camera to create visual art.

In terms of the technical side, I'm a pretty clueless beginner with a simple point & shoot camera. But I get a huge kick out of taking shots of stuff that I see and sharing some of them with the rest of the world. I'm fascinated by shapes and textures and colours and I love chopping a random rectangle out of the world around me and presenting just that bit, without context - it's the aesthetics I'm into, not the documentary value. Sometimes I mess around with a photo and turn it into an image that is not attempting to be realistic. Digital photo editing tools allow me to take a piece of photography and use it as art material. One of my friends said that what I do is painting without paint. I like that.


If I've added you, that could be because you said something intelligent in a comment somewhere/your posts look interesting/your profile looks like you might be fun to get to know/I think I know you from somewhere/someone I respect recommended you/a whole load of other reasons. It doesn't mean I expect you to add me back, nor does it mean I necessarily want to be your bestest friend forever and ever. If you want to add me and read my posts, that's cool! Most of my posts are public, and comments are very welcome (as long as they're on topic and courteous, obviously). If you interact with me on my posts, I might get to discover what a fab person you are and add you back. (Though it's perfectly ok to just read quietly and not say anything, if that's what you're comfortable with.)

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to getting to know you more.

p.s. I don't do Hangouts. I much prefer typing to people than doing that face-to-face live conversation thing where you have to think up answers on the spot and you can't edit and rephrase or delete that totally stupid rash comment - it's bad enough having to do that offline, I don't come to G+ for more of the same. I'm a socially awkward penguin. That's just the way it is.

Yes, I have a wall. Yes, you can write on it.
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