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Pavement with garnish 
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Meirav M.

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Definitely a first for me - seeing a football* game through my bedroom window :-)

(*by which I mean soccer, obvs)
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Meirav M.

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Taking photos of the river yesterday, I looked up and saw this awesome sky.

#skyphotography #cloudscapes #beautyofcreation

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+Mark Hanson thank you! I'm very impressed with how much of this sort of detail the phone camera can capture!
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Meirav M.

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Happy caturday 
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Meirav M.

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This Google Now thing is way cool.

because I'm on holiday in Wales, it's offering me English to Welsh translation.

It feels like I've got a quiet unobtrusive valet on my phone. A kind of Jeeves.

(yes, I know it can only do this because I'm giving the goog access to all sorts of information. I trust them with it not because I think they're saints, but because it's in their best interests to keep our data safe.)
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+Lionel D it's not there yet tho. But, if/when they combine Assistant with Now, it will be quite formidable
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Meirav M.

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Oooooh, the possibilities...

if you're into mobile photography, why not join in


Life doesn't always go as planned. Things break down, fall apart, crack and stop working. The story does end there though. That's where we pick up the camera and make something new of it.

Please be sure to share only one theme image per day, and shared to the Theme Category. Don't forget to check out what others have contributed. Get creative, as some themes will have more than one way to be interpreted.

Feel free to share the weekly theme post with others to spread the word!

Capture your world. Share your artistry.

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Meirav M.

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So today I decided to check out a café that looked nice.

I didn't know my mocha and chocolate brownie would come with a lecture on the environmental implications of using paper napkins...


(and the brownie wasn't all that great either.)

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I probably would've left a note saying, "I can compost the paper napkin, you know. Or maybe you want to use cloth napkins and take on the costs of cleaning them?" along with the tip...
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Meirav M.

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Obligatory windswept selfie

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Meirav M.

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+Jacob Dix thank you! I really liked the texture and how the text breaks it up. 
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Meirav M.

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"Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days." - Doug Larson
h/t +Monika Schmidt
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Absolutely! I love that quote and the image.
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Meirav M.

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Random question for native English speakers

When you talk about a maths problem, is there a term you use for referring to the thing you need to find out? Or do you just say "the x"?

For example, say you're told that a train leaves London at 3pm and how fast it's going, and another leaves some other place etc etc - there's all these bits of information you're given, and then you have to work out, say, when the two trains will meet - is there a general term for that?

Yours, someone who knows English but didn't learn maths in English (and in Hebrew we have a word for this thing, so I'm wondering what it's called in English)
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It depends on the context but general we ask for the solution, variable, or unknown understanding the x or y is what we are talking about. If we have more than one, we might us x variable or y variable.
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Meirav M.

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"Humphrey has lost his sense of right and wrong. You've still got one. You just don't use it much."

beautiful moment in Yes Minister, when he moans to his wife, saying: I've become as bad as Sir Humphrey...

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