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Nooooooooope. :D
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Meirav M.

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I'm in love.

for those who remember typewriters: nostalgia galore

for those too young to know the joys of overtyping a character: you need to try this out!

(but you need to be at a computer with a keyboard. it doesn't work with touch screens.)
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I had my very own electric typewriter when I was a kid (about 10 years old, I'd guess). It was my Christmas gift that year (that's all I got and I wasn't complaining) and I was over the moon. Later, my older sister gave me her word processor when she bought her first desktop computer and I was even more over the moon. 
Aaaah...memories. :D
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Meirav M.

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yay. sermon in church was on Luke 7:36-50 ( -  one of my fav bits in the Bible! that woman, forgiven much, that's me! #thankyouJesus  
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that's today's subject in +Carrie Simpson's #31momentsinAugust and it just so happens I have this book that I borrowed from my pastor recently, so here you go. early church history, from a guy who lived through a rather gruesome time (that lion in the picture is a clue) - can seem so far fetched when you live in the west today, but there are places in the world where Christians are being imprisoned, tortured and even killed for their faith. nothing new under the sun.

sorry, I'm sure this isn't something you particularly wanted to be thinking about, but it's real and these are my brothers and sisters who are being killed. I can't just look at this lion in the picture and ignore what's going on.

but I am not discouraged. I know the story, though gruesome in parts, is going to have a happy ending. #thankyouJesus  
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+Carrie Simpson Oh yes, very interesting!
+Mark Hanson I may be some time...
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Meirav M.

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Hey, this is cool! makes me feel a bit less wary of trying the upgrade!


h/t +Charlie Kravetz.
The latest Windows 10 has rolled out as a free upgrade for PC users, but it still allows them to downgrade back to Windows 7 or Windows 8 if they don't like it. If you're not thrilled with the latest OS, here's how to revert to your previous version.
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+Eli Fennell Thanks, this is exactly why I wasn't rushing - much prefer to let you brave souls forge ahead and then hear from you how you got on :)
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Meirav M.

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nice smells coming from the kitchen. husband's cooking. yay.
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Meirav M.

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I keep forgetting to share this one for #caturday  
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Have her in circles
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Meirav M.

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"You're a little on the quiet side, and huge parties make you cringe. No shame in that, lady. Your potluck parties with lifelong friends help build and maintain the relationships that matter most."

not that I've ever thrown a pot luck party, but... yeah, "a little on the quiet side" is pretty close :)
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Epic kegger??? Wow, that's so wrong.
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Meirav M.

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ok, I haven't a clue...

I thought they'd ask about actual, yanno, food - not brand names. But I expect +Philip Setnik would get 10 out of 10 on this one.
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At Shul right now. I'll try to answer later. 
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Meirav M.

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that really nice feeling when...

you've had two people get to know each other on one of your posts, and you then see them continuing the process on their own posts so you feel like maybe you've helped spark a friendship.

social networking. that's how it's meant to work, no?

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The best feeling - I happened to talk about this with my mother today and she isn't even on the network +Meirav M. :)
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Meirav M.

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h/t +Greg Domjan.
So that explains all those interview questions.
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+Paul Hartzer Employment interviews by their nature are tacky.
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Meirav M.

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these images look seriously brilliant on the screen, though I'm conscious that I'm obviously missing a vital element of tintype by not actually physically viewing the actual, physical photos.

what's tintype, you ask? a 19th century photographic technique which sounds super interesting - read on.

and if you're anywhere near Chelsea, NYC - hop over there and see for yourself. (hey, +Max Rubenacker...)

(also pinging +Charles Strebor because, well, obviously.)

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Much ether fuelled excellence. 
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Who am I?

My name is Meirav. I'm human. My penguin's name is Quentin. I enjoy meeting fellow humans online. I like good intelligent discussion, as well as a good healthy dose of frivolity. I'm fascinated by human nature. I love words and languages. I'm bilingual - grew up in Israel speaking both Hebrew and English. I write. I blog. I have a tendency to speak my mind, sometimes a bit bluntly. (That means if I pay you a compliment, you can know it's for real.) I'm married. I live in England. I'm Jewish. I'm a fallible and imperfect follower of Jesus. I like cats, though currently I don't have any pets. I love chocolate. I'm an introvert, which means I need lots of solitude and quiet and time to hear myself think, and I don't do well in crowds and/or noise, which is part of why I find online social networking so valuable. I love reading. I don't currently own a TV. I have a strong aversion to order and structure, and a deep need for a certain level of chaos in my environment. I am annoyingly pedantic and tend to take words very literally. I like buying pretty stationery. I like purple, and pink. and I like randomly listing stuff :)

I keep rewriting the bit about photography here, because it's been evolving so much. I started out (in 2010) just pointing at things and snapping, but this whole thing grew on me and now I'd say I am someone who uses a camera to create visual art.

In terms of the technical side, I'm a pretty clueless beginner with a simple point & shoot camera. But I get a huge kick out of taking shots of stuff that I see and sharing some of them with the rest of the world. I'm fascinated by shapes and textures and colours and I love chopping a random rectangle out of the world around me and presenting just that bit, without context - it's the aesthetics I'm into, not the documentary value. Sometimes I mess around with a photo and turn it into an image that is not attempting to be realistic. Digital photo editing tools allow me to take a piece of photography and use it as art material. One of my friends said that what I do is painting without paint. I like that.


If I've added you, that could be because you said something intelligent in a comment somewhere/your posts look interesting/your profile looks like you might be fun to get to know/I think I know you from somewhere/someone I respect recommended you/a whole load of other reasons. It doesn't mean I expect you to add me back, nor does it mean I necessarily want to be your bestest friend forever and ever. If you want to add me and read my posts, that's cool! Most of my posts are public, and comments are very welcome (as long as they're on topic and courteous, obviously). If you interact with me on my posts, I might get to discover what a fab person you are and add you back. (Though it's perfectly ok to just read quietly and not say anything, if that's what you're comfortable with.)

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to getting to know you more.

p.s. I don't do Hangouts. I much prefer typing to people than doing that face-to-face live conversation thing where you have to think up answers on the spot and you can't edit and rephrase or delete that totally stupid rash comment - it's bad enough having to do that offline, I don't come to G+ for more of the same. I'm a socially awkward penguin. That's just the way it is.

Yes, I have a wall. Yes, you can write on it.
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