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Building small businesses and web marketing circle by +Vanessa Schneider
Wow! Another great circle share, this one created by +Vanessa Schneider, who included "people who are interested in building small business and web marketing." She's included many wonderful people that were instrumental in my learning about Google+ and increasing my circle count, such as +Rehan Ahmad, +Chris Lang, +Rob Gordon, +Yifat Cohen, +Denis Labelle and more! There's also a lot of great new people I have not yet connected with from other circles, and am so happy to have them now. I also suggest adding +Rahul Roy, especially if you are a new and/or interested in increasing your connections, as he's really been instrumental in giving newcomers visibility and pointing them to great resources to help them find their way in G+. Thank you Vanessa for sharing this great circle!!

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I would love to be a part of this!
Thank for the call out +Meilani MacDonald - and this is one of the few circles created by a Google employee that I like- not just because I am in it - usually their circles have more to do with celebrities and they seldom show much interest in small business. It is quite old though and the shared circle technology isn't well set up for helping us connect - as you can see from the people asking to be added.
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