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Lives in in the SoCal desert near Palm Springs, oh yeah! :D
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Meilani MacDonald

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A special thank you shout out to my clients <3
With much gratitude, I am saying “Thank You!” to my wonderful clients!
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Meilani MacDonald

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My client +Jilska Chandrasena is an agent for transformational change. This brilliant woman is a program director at the Braille Institute in Rancho Mirage where she creates programs serving the institute's visually impaired clients and community at large. It's such an honor to work with someone who does so much good in the world!

Agent for Creating Transformational Change
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Meilani MacDonald

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The sister site to my client +Rick Teisan's Marijuana Hill Realty blog, this site, Miracle Hill Realty, is where Rick showcases residential and commercial properties and posts articles about desert living.

Rick is finding these free Wordpress blogs to be a great source of client leads.
Come for the hot water, stay for the stars.
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Meilani MacDonald changed her profile photo.

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Well finally got around to updating my profile photo, yippee. Last one was taken in... hmm...2012 I think. Not exactly a current pic anymore. this one I took about an hour ago. I think it qualifies as current :)
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Thanks +Rick Teisan! :)
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Meilani MacDonald

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Hi Folks! Whew it can be a challenge getting back into the swing of things, but it's so rewarding when we finally do it! I've got two posts with new Blabs coming up and this is the first one!

Joining me in last Friday's #Blab was +Linda Garcia, a wealth advisor with WFG - World Financial Group. Linda chatted with us about financial planning for small business owners and solopreneurs, and the importance of including retirement/exit plans even when you're just in the startup phase of planning your new business.

Click through to watch the replay, or go to my Blab page at to see all replays and upcoming Blabs.


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Meilani MacDonald

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In addition to setting up client +Rick Teisan's free #wordpress blogs, I showed him how to connect them to his socials, so whenever he publishes a blog post it gets shared to his Twitter, FB, and LinkedIn accounts.
I assist commercial real estate investors in Desert Hot Springs, Palm Springs and the greater Coachella Valley, California. Palm Springs, CA. · · 25 Following15 Followers. Rick Teisan. Tweets; Photos · Likes ...
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Nice work, if you can get it.... And, you can get it, if you try! What are we growing here, besides our social presence?
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Meilani MacDonald

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The Desert Environmental Youth Experience EYE for Leaders program guides grades 6-12 students active in their school's eco-clubs through the planning, creation and implementation of an environmental, service learning project on their campus or in their community. This free Wordpress blog was created to provide a forum through which to show potential community partners and donors of funds and materials what the program is about.
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Meilani MacDonald

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Check out Marijuana Hill Realty - my client +Rick Teisan's site for showcasing properties available for marijuana cultivators and dispensaries. This is a great niche site and has already brought many prospective and buying clients to Rick.

Commercial Properties for Medical Marijuana Cultivation & Dispensaries in Coachella Valley, CA
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Meilani MacDonald

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great explanation, thanks +Nil Linx
*VERY IMPORTANT: Stronger Post Filtering Has Been Turned On by Google**

When Google detects several posts being sent to a community from the same Google+ user within a matter of a few seconds or minutes, Google puts the posts in a spam bin. Google also marks posts as spam when one post is sent to several communities within a few seconds or minutes. Only community moderators, managers and owners can view the spam bin. It is then their job to approve or disapprove the posts for the community.

Google classifies multiple posts within short amounts of time as spam, because the posts appear in people's streams, unless users have their community notifications feature turned off. Some people get annoyed by receiving several posts from the same user. Some people also get upset if they are trying to post and another user "dominates" people's streams with their posts.

When you have multiple posts you want to share with a community or one post that you want to share with several communities, it is best to send posts over the course of a day or several days to avoid your post(s) getting marked as spam by Google.
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Meilani MacDonald

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Wow this is a first, but I am not digging the "new" Google+ at all. I just switched back to classic. I don't usually do that. But ugh. What a mess. 
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+Blair W. change is difficult. It wasn't agreeable to me at first, but it has improved a lot and is still getting better. I only very rarely feel the need to switch back to the "classic" UI now.  
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Meilani MacDonald

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Hi folks! Sometimes it can be a real struggle to have a guest on TGIF who is not social media or computer inclined. In the beginning, I sometimes vow that I will have no more guests who are not already adept at using streaming video social media tools like Hangouts and Blab.

But then we finally get going, and the guest really shines, because we are now in their territory, discussing what they know. Today was one of those days, lol.

My guest Dennie Marks, owner of a promotional products company, struggled to get into the Blab, and we started late. She had been on Blab with me before, but she doesn't do it regularly and it was like starting over for the first time. I admit I got a wee bit frustrated.

But THEN when we finally got her up and running, and she started giving such great advice for how to choose the right promotional products for your #business and event, I was so glad that she was such a trooper and didn't give up - or let me give up either.

This was a really good, enlightening discussion with lots of great advice for any business considering buying #promotional products - from coffee mugs to pens - for an upcoming event or special occasion.

Click through to watch the replay on its #Blab page, or go to to see all replays and scheduled Blabs!

Then visit Your Promotional Products at and see all the nifty items just waiting for your logo and contact info!

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Meilani MacDonald

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Hello Plussers, and Happy 2016!!
I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful winter holiday season and a very Happy New Year celebration <3

I have been on a bit of nice long vacation, but I am finally getting back into the swing of things. With the new year comes some new changes, and in that spirit I have some news.

I have decided to not to continue the TGIF Business Networking Hangouts in 2016

I have a few reasons for this change:

The first one is all on me - as you may have noticed, I have not been very active on Google+ of late. In truth, I have not been very active in my own business socials much over the last couple of months. I've just got burnt out on it to be honest. Lots and lots and lots of networking and not enough returns, and that is also on me - I have lost a lot of the passion I had when I started out on this solopreneur venture.

When I had that passion, all that networking came easy and the returns followed. As I lost the passion, I became burnt out on all the networking, and slacked off, and naturally so did the returns.

The second reason is that with all the changes that have been made to Google+, I just don't believe I receive the same benefit to doing the TGIF Hangouts as before. Google+ has removed all of our profile info - there is no more "About" page. Instead, just a page that first shows our collections, then our posts.

I get the thinking behind this, that our collections will be the indicators of our interests and activities. But frankly, one of the things I liked best about Google+ was the profile page that gave us a real platform as business people to tell folks a bit about what we do. Also gone are the hover cards, and those were the other thing I liked most about Google+.

Google+ has been a great spot where I could present myself, even before I had a web site, and it didn't matter that I didn't have a web site, because all that info about me and my services was available on the about page.

Hosting the TGIF Business Networking Hangouts worked hand in hand with that, hopefully getting people interested enough to go look at my about page and learn more about the business services I have to offer.

Now Google+ kinda feels to me like just another social network. Still pretty superior, with lots of awesome and useful tools, but the particular features that made it my most preferred social network are gone.

I'm not dropping off the face of the earth though - chat with me on Blab!
Moving forward, I will be spending more time on Twitter and Blab. If you are still interested in participating in live streamed video chats, you can follow me on Blab at and on Twitter at

It is very easy to join in on a Blab, so please do come check it out. I haven't settled on a regular day and time for the Blabs yet, though I am leaning towards 3rd Fridays monthly at noon.

In the meantime, I'm still hosting private workshops by Hangout for members of Meilani's Blooming Business Club, in a private community for club members here on Google+. You can find out more about and join the club on my web site at

TGIF Business Networking Hangout says
So long, and thanks for all the fish!
It's been a wonderful experience and I've been very lucky and blessed to have hosted TGIF for the past few years. Many thanks to all you awesome Plussers who were featured guests and participants in the peanut gallery!

Hope to see you over on Twitter and Blab :)

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Thanks +Sarah Denholm, I'm actually feeling great about 2016! Got some new things in the works that will do just that I think :) May 2016 bring you much happiness and success!
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Editing, copywriting, graphic design, social media services for solopreneurs and small business
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