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Man! +Hollts!
I've tried your build with a signet variation and it's amazing - at least in PvP! ^^
(Still need to test it in roaming which I don't do as much as I do PvP these days)

But see yourself :D

You'll also see that I ate a lot of dmg. But IIRC I didn't die at all or at least not more than 2-3 times in those fights. I guess i ate most of the dmg in reaper shroud which I sustained away with Blighter's Boon and LF Generation with #4 and RS AA.
I found that "Rise!" didn't help me much in 1v1s and against thieves because I'd only hit one target or not at all.
Also, the corrupt on signets helps with CC and against Warrior's Berserker Stance which helps a lot since you still rely a lot on chill and fear even though you're power based. :)

Let me know what you think :)

(Oh, and the one screenshot where I only run the Locust Signet, I just put in here for the lulz because of the >800k dmg :) Didn't run the Signets of Suffering trait in that match yet.)
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wtf niantic?
(+Adrian Renner das interessiert dich vielleicht...)
Hi Agents, in response to questions we’ve seen regarding the new Medals announcements, we’ve put together a brief FAQ to answer common questions:

Seer Medal

Q: What will happen to my Portals submitted prior to Dec 31 2014 that have not yet been processed?
A: All Portals submitted prior to Dec 31 2014 will be processed and if accepted will count toward your Seer Medal, even if the submission itself is processed after Dec 31 2014. Portals submitted after Dec 31 2014 will not count toward your Seer Medal but will still be reviewed.

Q: What if I appeal a Portal after Dec 31 2014 and the Portal goes live after that?
A: As long as the original submission date of the Portal was before Dec 31 2014, the Portal will count toward your Seer Medal, even if the appeal was processed after the cut off date. Portal appeals can be made in the Ingress Portal Appeals community:

Q: Will I lose my Seer Medal?
A: No, you will keep your existing Seer Medal and earn credit for any accepted Portals submitted prior to Dec 31 2014.

New Medals

Q: Why is my “Mods Deployed” stat so low for the Engineer Medal?
A: This stat only counts Mods deployed beginning in early December 2014.

Q: My Scanner stats show that I deserve one of the new Medals, but the Medal icon does not display in my profile.
A: Touch OPS > DEVICE > Force Sync. Any Medals you have earned will be visible in your Agent profile.

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Wir haben heute einen der Unseren verloren
Today, we lost one of our own (English Text below)
Ein Agent der Resistance wurde heute auf dem Weg zum Ingress spielen von einem Auto erfasst und ist wenig später seinen schweren Verletzungen erlegen.

Wir bitten Niantic aus Respekt vor dem Verstorbenen die Zelle NR02-Golf14 aus der Anomalie Wertung zu nehmen
Wir werden ihm eine letzte Ehre erweisen und bitten alle Agenten der Zelle, egal welcher Fraktion, diesen Aufruf zu unterstützen.

Today, we lost one of our own
A Resistance agent was hit by a car today, while on his way to play Ingress and died of his injuries shortly afterwards.
We request Niantic to remove cell NR02-Golf14 from the anomaly measurement out of respect for the deceased.
We will pay our last respect to him and ask all agents of the cell, irrespective of their faction, to support this appeal.

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Niantic Project +Brandon Badger 

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ich wär dann jetzt auch endlich L14 :) #Ingress  

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My new Padawans! :D

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Ingress Scanner v1.56.3 for iPhone is available on the App Store now: 

The latest update adds Multi-item Recycle to recycle multiple XM objects at once; Ingress News to stay updated on breaking developments; and sharing features.

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