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Dear BBC,

I do applaud the professionalism of your reporters.  There is no way that I can keep a straight face holding a ream of paper in front of the camera - although it is a big difference in weight compared to the Ipad!


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The first time I funded any kick starter and it's a big amount. 

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when a 13 year old draws anyone don't they usually draw people who smile/????

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PRISM explained from Steve Gibson's POV

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Der... of course they don't like the cover....

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Where is the Best airline for ECONOMY class? Desperately need to know...


Can't really Plus one it when i don't have it!

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And it's a USED bedpan! And it costs you until..... nope it's free as you are painting the "leaders" face on it!

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read the last sentence...

"Ginia yesterday issued a statement that she didn't want her siblings as trustees because they lack "the perseverance, work ethic, responsibility and dedication ... to administer the trust".
Who's fault was THAT? Itsn't it the parent's responsibility to teach ethics/responsibility and dedication to kids?

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Shut the F**K up, or I'll Silence you!

I wonder where they are using this... say, in a classroom?
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