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Cosmetic Invisalign Dentist in Beverly Hills 90212
Cosmetic Invisalign Dentist in Beverly Hills 90212


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Sports drinks

In the last decade, #sports beverages have become increasingly popular, but they aren't great for your teeth.

Research has found that the pH levels in many sports #drinks could lead to tooth #erosion due to their high concentration of acidic components, which could wear away at the #tooth's #enamel. Additionally, these drinks are often high in sugars that act as "food" for acid-producing bacteria, which then sneak into the cracks and crevices in your teeth, causing #cavities and tooth #decay.
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7 Surprising Things That are Bad for Your Teeth
1. Chewable Vitamins
Chewable #vitamins may have the #nutrients you need to stay healthy, but since they come in a sticky, sugary form, they’re as harmful for your teeth as chewy candy.
2. Dried Fruit
Dried fruit is chock-full of non-cellulose fiber that traps sticky sugar on your #teeth and #gums.
3. Cough Medicine
Cough medicine and throat lozenges often contain a lot of sugar or high fructose corn syrup, which is bad news for your oral health. And if you take your medicine right before you go to bed, this means the sugar can linger in your mouth all night and slowly erode your teeth.
4. White Wine
Wine, like #coffee/#tea, contain tannins, acids and chromogens, which are a trifecta for #staining teeth.
White wine is highly acidic, the #acid can break down important minerals in your teeth that help protect the enamel from #erosion, like calcium.
5. Swimming Pools
Chemical additives in pool water, like antimicrobials and chlorine, make the water acidic This acidity can lead to tooth #sensitivity and the growth of brown tartar deposits on your teeth.
6. Barbecue Sauce
Barbecue sauce can be full of sugar, which is bad news for your oral health. Just like barbecue sauce clings to meat, it clings to the #enamel and marinates your teeth with sugar.
7. Oral Piercings
A tongue or lip piercing could potentially crack or chip a tooth if you accidentally bite down on either, or by repetitively hitting against your tooth #enamel.
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#Resin-based #sealants applied on occlusal surfaces of permanent #molars of #children and #adolescents reduce caries up to 48 months when compared to no sealant.
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How does #xylitol prevent #cavities?
Xylitol inhibits the growth of the bacteria that cause cavities. It does
this because these bacteria (Streptococcus mutans) cannot utilize
xylitol to grow. Over time with xylitol use, the quality of the #bacteria
in the #mouth changes and fewer and fewer decay-causing bacteria
survive on tooth surfaces. Less #plaque forms and the level of #acids
attacking the #tooth surface is lowered.
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Animated Photo
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#Muhammad #Ali “Battled Child #ToothDecay” In 1976 Album.
Rolling Stone (6/6, Heller) reported that by 1976 Muhammad Ali was “a household name, a superstar, an icon,” and adding to his list of accomplishments, he also “battled child tooth decay” in a children’s album. Released in 1976, The Adventures of Ali and His Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay featured “the voice talents of Ali,” Frank Sinatra, Howard Cosell, and Ossie Davis, combining “music, narration and PSA preachiness.” According to the article, not only did the album receive an endorsement from the American Dental Association, “it was nominated for a #Grammy in the Best Recording for Children category.” The ADA endorsement from the album cover reads: “The information on dental health contained in this children’s record is considered by the American Dental Association to be in accord with current scientific knowledge—1976.” The article added, “The album’s heart is in the right and noble place, something that could always be said of the late #champ himself.”
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Teeth Whitening & Maintenance

You’re Staining Your Teeth Without Even Realizing it

There are a few golden rules when it comes to keeping your teeth as white as grandmother’s pearls and knowing what foods and drinks stain your teeth: No #smoking, no #coffee, lots of flossing, and oh yeah — #RedWine doesn’t exactly help. It doesn’t sound like much fun, but who doesn’t love a sparkling Orbit-girl-status smile? Even if you haven’t kept to the cardinal rules and you do notice a little yellow here and there (it happens to everyone), there are still plenty of ways to restore your teeth. However, the best method of all when it comes to your oral health is prevention, of course. But what if you were staining and yellowing your teeth without even realizing it? It’s easier than you think.

Did you know that one in four adults don’t brush their teeth twice a day? Or that 25 percent have never used mouth wash in their life? I could scare you with dental facts all day (because I’m weirdly into oral health like that), but what this all really comes down to is laziness. If you’re reading this, then maybe laziness isn’t your issue, because honestly, if you didn’t care so much about your dental hygiene, you probably wouldn’t be interested in finding out what things are secretly yellowing your teeth. Or, hey, maybe you’re just wondering why your smile isn’t as bright as it could be; that’s normal — but in any case, unnecessary stains and yellowing isn’t ideal. So, here is for the overachievers and the white teeth dreamers: Read on to find a few surprise factors that might be staining that smile.

1. Drinking tea

Everyone knows dark liquids like coffee and red wine are a huge no-go when maintaining super-white teeth, but believe it or not, tea might be even riskier when it comes to stains. Most teas have a very high level of tannin, which is notorious for tarnishing #teeth, and is difficult to get rid of. Yes, this is very sad news, but instead of avoiding #tea altogether, try your best to drink it in moderation, and always brush your teeth shortly after you finish a cup!

2. Certain medications

There are some medications that are notorious for yellowing your teeth. The most common are antihistamines, blood pressure medication, and antipsychotic drugs. Obviously your #medication takes priority over a white smile, but talk to your doctor if you would like to consider an alternative!

3. Eating berries

They may be tiny, but berries pack a serious punch…to your teeth enamel. These little guys contain enough color pigments to really stick to your teeth and leave a long-lasting coat that leads to discoloration. Although it’s best to try and keep #berries off the menu while working on your #TeethWhiteness, you might want to try less pigmented fruits, like pears or bananas, in the meantime.

4. Your city’s water

Blame the government! Just kidding, but if you do notice lots of odd spots on your teeth, it might be because of a high exposure to fluoride. Which is often added by the government to reduce tooth decay…so it is kind of their fault in a way. But at least it is good-intentioned! The best way to know if your city adds #fluoride to the water is to check the CDC website. If they do, and it has become a problem for your dental health, consider investing in a water filter for your kitchen sink, or switching exclusively to spring water.

5. Some #mouthwashes

Ever heard of chlorhexidine gluconate? Not sure why you would have, but apparently it’s an ingredient in many mouth washes that is causing your teeth to stain. When you use certain kinds of mouth washes regularly, sometimes the chlorhexidine chemically reacts with food particles still caught in your teeth, and causes annoying brown stains. It’s always best to ask your dentist, and if you have #gingivitis it is important to use mouth wash to keep plaque levels down— but if you’re worried about these kind of stains, try out a product that uses cetylpyridinium chloride instead of #chlorhexidine, because it doesn’t stain!
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Dealing with #ToothDecay - #BeverlyHillsDentist: Everyone knows you're supposed to visit your dentist twice a year to get your teeth cleaned and to get your mouth examined. This isn't just for the dentist's sake; regular visits to your dentist can help stop #painful
problems in the future. If you've ever had a #toothache before, you know how bad they can get. Don't wait until you have a bad toothache to make an appointment. My name is Dr. Mehryar Ebrahimi and my office is located at 9454 Wilshire Blvd. #311 Beverly Hills, CA.
Regular Dentist Visits Prevent Unnecessary Tooth Decay.
Tooth decay can cause some serious #pain and can wreck an otherwise beautiful #smile. Don't let tooth decay take root. Stop it before it gets too far, or better yet, avoid it altogether. I’ve helped a lot of my patients at my Beverly Hills office with tooth decay problems, I can help you as well.
A toothbrush just can't replace going to the dentist, no matter how many times you brush. One great benefit of seeing the #dentist is the fact that we can even spot problems caused by incorrect brushing. So if you rely on #brushing your #teeth for dental health, you still need to see a dentist too.
It's very important to brush your teeth at least twice a day, and don't forget to floss too. If you're searching for a dentist, remember, my name is Dr. Mehryar Ebrahimi, and I serve the Beverly Hills area.
Get a Consultation by calling (310) 246-9321 for an appointment today or clicking the link below for more info
#BeverlyWilshireDentalGroup   #ToothDecay  
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Tea and Your Teeth

Although tea has a reputation as a healthy beverage, it may not be the best choice when it comes to keeping your teeth white. Tea -- especially the basic black variety -- can cause more stains than coffee. However, recent studies have found that even herbal teas and white teas have the potential to cause tooth staining. #tea #whiter-teeth #brightsmile #teethwhitening
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