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Just heard via +Liz Heron that Google+ will soon be launching a media page with tips and resources for journalists interested in using the platform.

Personally, I'm super excited about this. There are tons of ways journalists could take advantage of Google+ and many seem unsure of how to do so.

What advice would you give to journalists just starting out on Google+? Who are your favorite ones to follow here?
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Listen. :)

Don't try to market, but rather listen to what people are talking about (+Sarah Hill is doing it best. Watch her and learn), and report news that matter.

Thanks for the mentions +Meghan Peters +Yifat Cohen +Luis Valencia My advice would be spend time in Hangouts... meet new people...listen to what they think is news and provide them a forum to talk about the days news or community events, etc. For too long we journalists have talked talked talked... so it's long overdue to allow others to also have a platform.
+Sarah Hill Great advice. Thank you! Just added all those folks to my Journalists circle :)
+Sarah Hill +Meghan Peters Sarah, thanks! And Meghan that's GREAT news. It's a great tool for our Viewers' Voice segment and I'd love to turn others in my newsroom on to it.
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