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Also makes choosing passwords much more fun :)
Awesome.  pickle cart symphony double.  There, secure. :)
Seems like good advice. Thank you. 
Pa$$w0rd very simple and diffuclt to guess !! thank you
When I ran a help desk I "generated" random password from stuff I could see in the room. Evidently that was good security.
And in 60 days, when IT commands you change it, most will use correct horse battery staple 1
THATS where i got it from
Sad but true: Frequently changing 8 character passwords with special characters and numbers are not there to hack proof passwords, they're there to foolish-user proof passwords.
Today's solution is enforcing policy that works good enough in most cases.  I think Google is smart about password strength and doesn't care if you don't use numbers as long as it's strong enough in other aspects (like length).
I changed all of my most important passwords after reading this for the 1st time.
I bet around 2% of passwords are now "Correct Horse Battery Staple"
This is one of my favorite XKCD's encrypted password database like keepass is the best way. One super password such as "correct horse battery staple" will keep all your passwords secure.
This reminds me, I need to update the sticky note on my monitor. 
It's good to know some techsavvy guys. I'll need all the help I can get.
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