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Better change your #LinkedIn  password as soon as possible!
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Damnit! I have them shorted in my stock simulation game but not with my real money! Opportunity missed :(
Is this ACTUALLY true? Probably not, and if some russian dude has my password..... oh well, he's managed to aquire my work history and a few prospecting messages. Have fun with that Igor ;o) Much ado about nothing again I fear :D
It seems that the investors agree with you +Mike Seymour Their stock seems to have been barely effected at all.
well the question is ... how is linkedin going to handle the leak?  If they handle it right the investors won't be scared away
+Mike Seymour The problem is that a lot of people still use the same username and password for multiple services and even for important online accounts like their bank account.  Yes, I agree, that's a bad move.
#Linkedin  says they are looking into it, but from the article it looks like only encrypted passwords without their usernames were posted so even if it is true it's not quite as bad as it sounded.
Never using the same user name and password on difference web sites. Use KeepPass, an open source software, to generate random password and keep track your credentials.
What is the likely hood of them actually being able to decrypt the file?
Changing my now, and so is everyone else it seems, Linkedin servers have grind to a halt.
+Danny Robertson That's a good point. LinkedIn tweeted about it but I didn't see any communication from them on their site or via email.
+Kelly Stanonik Those who posted the encrypted passwords were just asking for help cracking them.  They likely have held the email addresses themselves.  Worst case, they can add the passwords to a dictionary used to drive a dictionary attack, avoiding the brute force method, which is usually too time consuming.

LinkedIn has now confirmed it
And it looks like Craigs List may be next
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