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Meghan Peters

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Very inspirational piece about maintaining a free and open internet that supports participation, dialogue and sharing. I especially love the comparison of +Wikipedia to a public park or school. 
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Hie how is life over that side?
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Good #longread  on how science is taught in U.S. schools, and one young man's fight to change it.
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Every body living in the world should be aware /concern/think on his/her glob but the activity that contributes to this should be  he/she doing/ act localy
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What internet privacies are most important to you? 
With the news that the U.S. government can gain extensive access to user data, there's a question we must answer: How do we protect our digital rights?

We want to create a document to highlight the freedoms and protections that we feel should be guaranteed to us as citizens of the Internet.

Help us create this Digital Bill of Rights by sharing in the comments below what Internet privacies are most important to be protected. You can also participate by +1'ing comments you agree with most.

We'll take the top comments and ask contributors to collaborate with us on a Google Doc. Together, we will create a Digital Bill of Rights for the Internet by the Internet.

#Internet   #BillOfRights   #Digital  
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I think the right of privacies of any member will be subjected to to the origin tight protection for stand.
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Meghan Peters

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This is fascinating. 
Recommended viewing: This short doc by +Evan Engel about two men involved in the 3D-printing of guns. One is a guy involved in the distribution of the "blueprints," while another is a hobbyist who actually printed it out. Tremendous work. 
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And If you where intent on killing a bunch of people in a low amount of time, an IED would suit your needs better than a 3D printed firearm that breaks after 7 shots. Breivik should have spent his time reading up on chemistry instead of playing around with his peashooters.
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Meghan Peters

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Google knows "getting developers excited to build on Google technology is the key to the company’s success."

Nice Q&A with Google's Data Arts team from +Julia Kaganskiy.
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G+ ever onwards and upwards!
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Have her in circles
597,537 people
In light of the news about the U.S. government's widespread mass surveillance programs, we crowdsourced a Digital Bill of Rights via the +Mashable Google+ page. Now we're asking our readers to add their thoughts on internet privacy in a collaborative Google Doc.

Very proud of +Ryan Lytle for leading the charge on this project. We encourage you to contribute to the Doc or give your thoughts in the comments. It's important we highlight the digital freedoms and protections users should be guaranteed as citizens of the internet.
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Looking forward to seeing those habits you just can't quit in this week's +Mashable Photo Challenge. #photography  
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It is always coffee for me.
Let me qualify this statement: a medium roast with tons of aroma, balanced acidity, and a heavy body. Like we are used in Europe . . .  a cup keeps me going for hours.
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Meghan Peters

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Quite possibly the funniest video I've voiced. Kudos to +Todd Olmstead +Matt Silverman and the +Mashable video team for their hard work on this one!
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I agree def funny had a guy at Google io pee next to me and I looked at him and was like, "really"
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Meghan Peters

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Have her in circles
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