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Update to the Reviewing Scale on Google+ Local

Today it’s easier than ever to write accurate, useful reviews on Google+ Local, thanks to the updated rating scale we rolled out. If you want to rate the food at a restaurant, or the quality of a mechanic, just choose "poor - fair," “good,” “very good,” or "excellent". Behind the scenes, we’ll convert your ratings into numbers and factor them into the business' precise 30-point score that shows up in Google+, Search and Maps. 

Give it a try! Click on the Google+ Local icon in the left navigation bar, search for a local spot and click "Write a review.” Happy reviewing!
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Great update. Makes it much more intuitive now. 
Nice. Keep the text descriptions. They're way better than a 4 or 5 star system.
Hey +Megan Stevenson this is nice update but what I struggle with is the recommendation part. It is not really tailored well and I am not sure what signals you look at while recommending restaurants to a person. 

For example, I am a vegetarian so never really go to a steak house or a BBQ place but somehow I get recommendations for these places. I understand it is a hard problem to solve since if I go to Italian restaurants, how can you tell if my Parmesan was made with eggplant or veal! But to understand users' preferences better, could you please add a few questions, a one time or repeat with every review? The advantage of repeating will let you know if a person is converting from a meat eating habit to vegetarianism or vice versa and that's a very valuable information not just for Places recommendation but also good for +Google AdSense business as well .... just saying!

Cc: +Google Maps 
This WOULD be great, except my review is not showing up as a review for the public to see! I've gone all around the 'problem' from every angle I can think of, and still it only shows up for me. Are you still tweaking this system? It seems totally borked to me at this point. I can't believe it is really this hard to get a review to show up to the general public!
Good improvement. Now, could we please not see the mess of a 30-point overall rating? :) Maybe Google Italia should show everything in 30-point scale but simple 5 (stars) would be so much better :)
What is the website link for google reviews that you are discussing here?  I usually use Yelp and have not come across the google equivalent.  Now that they bought Zagat, I would be interested in checking it out.  I guess I could try
edit: never mind.  I re-read the post and saw you have to click "more" and then "local".  Why did google decide to bury this? I never would have thought to click the light gray faded "more" link if it were not for this post!
Thanks for the change! +Mark Gavalda is totally right. Please change the rating scale in Google+, Search and Maps too. How is it that a 30-point scale is too complex for Google+ Local but not for the other services? Also: Please divide "poor-fair" into two separate ratings "poor" and "fair" as there is quite a difference between them I find. Right +Gene Auyeung, Google please keep the text descriptions! Stars are nice but cryptic. 
Agree, poor and fair should be split into 2 categories!
That's a confirmation of some rumors announcing end of ZAGAT usage for non restaurannt : Googler pointed to the 4 ratings : poor - good - very good - excellent. Hope this will work at least for a year as we'll not ask reviewers to change their copy every month ! may interest you +Mohamed Kahlain +Mediative 
I've read a variety of reactions to my post last week about our update to the ratings scale in Google+ Local. Just wanted to be clear...this is not a departure from Zagat. We’ve simply built on what we’re learning from our Zagat colleagues and changed from numbers to labels to make it easier for people to enter their reviews. The time-tested, 30-point Zagat scale remains the same as it was before. More on how this 30-point rating is calculated here:
+Christian Mörsch I think there's a method to their madness: if a "poor" rating was an option, Google Local reviews would be getting swamped with venters and retaliators. "Poor-fair" makes the complaint, well, less satisfying.
The original Zagat scale was poorly communicated and difficult to understand. The changes are much easier to grasp, but having just done a review, I'm noticing that the pricing input is no longer present. Is the emphasis now on Food, Decor, and Service, but not cost?
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