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Digital Marketing Strategy for Higher Conversions
Digital Marketing Strategy for Higher Conversions

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Nice. Universal Analytics it out of beta today. Congrats +Google Analytics!

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5 awesome travel spots to add to your bucket list!

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Now this is how to announce school is cancelled—via an "Ice Ice Baby" video message! Well done, Durham Academy.

#StopCollaborateAndListen   #PolarVortex   #IceIceBaby  

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I just watched a brilliant class on "writing killer #conversion  copy" with +Brian Massey. It takes a lot to get me to pay attention to any online video for 56+ minutes… but Brian did. 

The most fascinating part was his explanation of how our brains process language—specifically in Broca's and Wernicke's Areas—and how we can use our understanding of this to write copy & messages that get people to convert.

So if our audience scans our copy and it's familiar, boring, or not relevant to them, only the visual part of the brain lights up, and chances are, the copy won't inspire action & will be ignored.

But if they read words that are unique and speak to directly to them, Broca's and Wernicke's Areas will light up, and people will take action. Broca's and Wernicke's Area are parts of the brain that inspire action.

So copywriters and marketers: if you want to make sure your copy always inspires action, remember that you need to activate Broca's and Wernicke's Areas!

If you want to learn more, you can watch the full class over at the +Online Marketing Institute site.

(Apologies to +Brian Massey for destroying your slide--someone needs to take the design tools away from me:):) 

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great perspective
Most online marketing focuses on driving traffic to the company website. But is that an optimized customer experience?

I think customer demand for offsite engagement is only going to increase: from content consumption to transaction.

While it's not the end of company websites, it is time to take a hard look at your distribution of marketing activities across the web and ask: Are we creating an optimized customer experience? Are we delivering information and the ability to act where it matters?

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59% of advertising & Fortune 500 marketing execs don't believe their digital talent has the skills necessary to be very successful in #content   #marketing .

Are you surprised? Or is this in line with what you're seeing, too?  Share your thoughts!

Data via +Online Marketing Institute's "State of Digital Marketing Talent" study.

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Love the +Adweek infographic on OMI's State of #Digital  Talent study! Amazing work.

The "talent" standing next to the exec is definitely a #hipster…  cross-body bag, striped shirt… I'd be frowning too if I was wearing that. 

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Don't forget it, bitches. 

It's all about your messages... 

#biggie   #diddy   #notoriusbig   #marketing  

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Nice content kitty...

#meow   #content   #roar  

Your #content  beast is hungry. Are you feeding him with the real-time videos and articles he craves?

In this class, the awesome +Carmen Hill of +Babcock & Jenkins      reveals how to keep him satisfied.... and seize the opportunity to be part of conversations at the peak of their relevance with real-time content marketing strategy. Watch now-->

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I recently interviewed one of my fav #B2B   marketers,  +Shelly Lucas of +Hoover's / D&B. I'm a big fan of hers, and I think you will be too....

I met her years ago while I was hosting a Twitter chat on marketing. Out of the hundreds of attendees, she was always the only business account that attended (Twitter:@hoovers) and took advantage of the opportunity to build and nurture real relationships with her target audience.

Even today, most companies on #Twitter   just do the bare minimum (tweet content, reply to mentions, monitor brand names). Yawn. But the great benefit of Twitter is the ability grow your audience and develop deep, meaningful relationships.... and Shelly does just that.

Okay, enough from me. Check out the interview. I really love Shelly's answers, especially her answer to "What song best describes your work ethic?" Hint: it's NOT #WorkBitch  by #britneyspears .
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