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How do you define marketing? [note this is for a blog post so you may be quoted]
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When I taught Marketing 101 or 501 it was the same "The art and science of matching your product differentiation to customer's preferences." Geoffrey Thompson
Marketing: Getting yourself, your products, and/or your services across in a way that generates brand awareness and sales.
Marketing is simply communicating your brand effectively to your target audience
I can't top Robert's answer, but what I always say is "Marketing gets people ready to buy."
Marketing: using art and science to figure out which of your products or services might be interesting to customers and then developing a strategy for communicating, building a relationship and eventually selling your products or services to them.
What business are you in? Who is your customer? What is your value proposition to your customer? How do you find these customers, attract their attention, persuade them to keep coming back to you?
Another definition of marketing: "Apple's 1984 Commercial." Perfect.
I had a former boss tell me that "marketing is advertising without paying for ad space."
Marketing is the way to inform the uninformed public. -Me
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