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Watched a distracted driver (paying way too much attention to their phone, by which I mean paying any attention to their phone) lose a battle with a fire hydrant (by backing into it), and not realise it until I yelled: "hey, you broke off part of your car!"

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I really need to see GWAR live at some point.
This truly made my Sunday. Not just the best cover of West End Girls ever cut, but be sure to stick around for their take on All the People Who Died right after it. Simply fantastic!

Oh, such a long list of things to do to prep for the Kickstarter still. I'm hoping that I will actually get to get it up and running in a month or few from now... but, realistically may be a little more, as, I've not ran one before and it is still looking daunting to me.

Commissioning some more art is first and foremost, and I'm hoping that I have some more beyond my own I can show off in not too long.

In tonight's game the characters found an ancient ruin, within they discovered a strange temple dedicated to a god depicted as a mermaid. "I shall call down the spirit of this place", decided one of the adventurers. Call down the spirit they did, and found themselves bestowed with a great amount of energy. "People worshipped me every morning here", so spoke the spirit.
Across from the small temple was another, its symbol an apple with a bite taken out of it.

Wasps are trying to take over my yard. My husband and I have slain 4 nests of them so far this week.

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A friend of mine introduced me to this RPG artist, really digging her stuff

I guess I must have made just about as close to a healing potion as I am ever going to get. Making tea + being awkward = pouring boiling water on one of my hands.
I quickly slathered on a oil blend I made, and, no blistering or, best I can tell, other damage on the hand, even just a day later. I was definitely expecting some blistering.

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Anubis of Court Kemet, colored in version.

+Samwise Seven RPG is wanting to get a RPG zine together, and has been looking out for collaborators. +OmnusI and I have been working on a submission for it. If you are interested, I'm sure Samwise Seven RPG would love to hear from you.

+Max Vanderheyden thanks again for running the game today.
Does it look like those July dates will still work for Urban Shadows, Dungeon World, or some other PbtA game?
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