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Join our half day information session on Wednesday 16th November: Start your Journey with the Cloud

Oracle Cloud is the industry’s broadest and most integrated public cloud. It offers best-in-class services across software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and even lets you put Oracle Cloud in your own data center.

Oracle Cloud helps organizations drive innovation and business transformation by increasing business agility, lowering costs, and reducing IT complexity.

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Why InsightIDR is the SIEM you always wanted

InsightIDR is purpose-built for Incident Detection & Response (IDR) while equipped with live log search and custom compliance cards. By integrating with your existing network and security stack, InsightIDR reliably detects compromise as it occurs and accelerates investigations, often reducing a week into an hour. No more prolonged deployments, consulting, and support – you can get visibility from endpoint to cloud and meet SIEM requirements without it becoming a second full-time job. For further info visit

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Grow with a Modern Business Platform – Oracle ERP Cloud!

For midsize organizations worldwide, simplifying and modernizing systems is increasingly central to success. The right ERP cloud solution enables the modern business to: Grow Smarter, Empower People and Maximize Value.
• Grow Smarter – a modern ERP cloud simplifies, standardizes, and automates business processes – helping you take full advantage of growth opportunities.
• Empower People – a modern ERP cloud enables your workforce to collaborate, analyze, and work on the move – accelerating performance and attracting great talent.
• Maximize Value – a modern ERP cloud reduces costs and makes smarter use of resources.

For further information, please contact the Megabyte Team on +356 21421600 or by email at


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Megabyte is seeking to recruit a Systems Engineer. Read about our vacancy and send us your application.

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Your business is changing… are you prepared for it?

Can you quickly access all the information you need to analyze, from both inside and outside your organization, to understand what’s happening? Do you have the confidence in your analysis to make decisions and take action to address the change?

Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service is the industry's first BI platform in the cloud that makes analytics available to everyone, from the work group to the enterprise. BI Cloud Service empowers users of any skill level and from any department, to easily combine data from diverse sources.

Visit our website to learn more about Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service and how it can enable your organization to access new data, streamline analysis, drive collaboration, and go mobile - all without any infrastructure setup or capital costs.

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Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) recently announced new shared storage solutions that help small and midsized businesses (SMB) modernize their IT with hybrid flash and software-defined storage platforms that bring enterprise capabilities for an affordable cost.

The first part of HPE's Storage announcement includes the new HPE StoreVirtual 3200 that provides a next-generation, entry storage array starting at Euro 5.5K with an easy transition to software-defined storage. Additionally it gives SMB storage customers a new dual-controller array based on 64-bit ARM technology, a new RAID stack and advanced storage data services like snapshots, thin provisioning and replication.This new breed of StoreVirtual array allows customers the flexibility to consolidate workloads, add flash when they are ready and scale to meet future demands.

In HPE's other Storage announcement, the new HPE MSA 2042 delivers hybrid flash for application acceleration starting at under Euro 9K and includes standard 800 GB of built-in solid state disk capacity plus an all-inclusive software suite that delivers enterprise capabilities.With flash acceleration, automated tiering and data protection features now standard, the MSA 2042 delivers up to 60% increase in database transactions per second and 80% faster application response times for a 54% cost savings making it ideal
for customers looking to accelerate apps and consolidate on a proven platform.

For further information please contact us on +356 21421600 or by email at

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Growth Adds Pressure and Challenges to Your Business

Over 300,000 midsize customers not only run on Oracle, they also run on the same products as our largest customers. Midsize companies buy Oracle for growth.

CFOs in midsize organizations face the same challenges as their counterparts in large enterprises, but often with the added pressures growth places on their organizations. Although they are still expected to maintain tight control over financial management and business performance, they are also at the strategic heart of the organization and are more likely to have a large stake in IT investment decisions.

Read more about what packaged solutions Oracle have to offer growing companies

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Oracle delivers the power of engineered systems to organizations of all sizes.

Oracle’s expanded portfolio of database appliances are now available for enterprise and midmarket organizations, and provide customers with a pathway to the cloud.

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Traditional vulnerability management solutions often rely on active and “passive” scanning. Unfortunately, in both cases you are dealing with delayed scan windows and passive data dumps that result in stale results, false alerts, and a backed up queue. It's a vicious cycle of scan, wait, patch, rescan, data refresh, and wait again, which can make you feel trapped.

If your vulnerability management solution isn't monitoring exposures in real time and adapting to new threats with fresh data, there's a window of opportunity for an attacker.

Nexpose Now frees you from the passive scanning trap, so you can act at the moment of impact. This major enhancement to Nexpose provides the power of Live Monitoring, Threat Exposure Analytics, Remediation Workflows, and Liveboards.

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Socomec's NETYS RT single-phase UPS

A leader in the development and manufacture of large integrated UPS systems, Socomec's NETYS RT single-phase UPS is simple to install and easy to use while simultaneously offering high protection and availability and meeting all the practical needs your business requires.

To achieve the highest level of availability and to power critical utilities, NETYS RT UPS modules above 3kVA can be configured for 1:1 redundancy, meaning that the system incorporates one more UPS module than is needed to protect the load, guaranteeing sufficient power supply capacity to the load by maintaining online protection in the event of a breakdown.

For further information please click or contact our team on 21 421600.
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