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Meg Tufano, M.A.: I am the Co-Founder of SynaptIQ+, The think-tank for social era knowledge ® for which I am also the Editor-in-Chief of its Journal and owner of its publishing house, S+. I lead an education consulting group focused on Google Apps EDU, The McDermott MultiMedia Group. Concurrently, I teach philosophy on the internet and teach teachers how to teach online, online.
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  • S+
    Owner, present
    I publish academic, non-fiction and fiction books that cover issues of the social era for SynaptIQ+ through its subsidiary publishing house, S+.
  • Journal for Social Era Knowledge
    Editor-in-Chief, present
  • SynaptIQ+
    Co-Founder, present
  • The McDermott MultiMedia Group
    Group Leader, present
  • Roane State Community College
    Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Psychology and Religion, present
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P. O. Box 5741 Oak Ridge TN 37831
Change your mind, change the world!
I love people. I love teaching. I love books. I love to write.  

So, I'm always having a good time loving something!

I am a founding partner, along with David Amerland, Robert E. del Sol, Shaker Cherukuri and Leland LeCuyer, of SynaptIQ+, The think tank for social era knowledge.

I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Journal for Social Era Knowledge which is going into its second Volume (December 2013).  This is a peer-reviewed journal, global in scope, but written in English, published online three times a year by SynaptIQ+.  Its purpose is to stimulate research and encourage business and academic exchanges for the advancement of social era understanding.  

It also publishes short fiction, theoretical essays, best-practices in social era expertise, poetry and empirical papers for those interested in the compelling questions engendered by the introduction of the social era.  

The Journal encourages submissions by new writers (see submission requirements) and welcomes high-quality content on the practical, philosophical, scientific and human interest insights on the following subjects: 

  • social media 
  • social marketing 
  • customer relation management (Social CRM)
  • social business
  • electronic commerce
  • social shopping
  • social advertising
  • social media optimization®
  • reinvented search engine optimization (SEO) including Semantic Search (David Amerland, one of the founders of SynaptIQ+, wrote the book on Semantic Search).
  • algorithmic analysis of any or all aspects of the Internet
  • online learning and teaching
  • legal issues related to the Web
  • online identity and reputation
  • ethics of social business
  • cyber security
  • climate change
  • politics related to a wired world
  • psychology of social era 
  • social era culture
  • social era manners
  • social era art
  • social era understanding of human rights
I am also a novelist, who used to write under the nom de plume, Meg McDermott, but now writing in my own name.  I have recently published a humorous book, "How I Started Drinking" through S+, the subsidiary publishing house of SynaptIQ+.  The book is available on Amazon and is a participant in the MatchBook program (one can buy the hardcopy and get the digital version for 99 cents (just click on MatchBook)).  The book is described as follows:

About This Book 

Meg Tufano's writing reminds one of Maeve Binchy, Elizabeth Berg and Anne Tyler with a strong dash of Fannie Flagg ("Fried Green Tomatoes") while establishing a voice that is all her own. She also manages to cleanly capture the voices of the heart of Appalachia. 

In this award-winning novel, divorced Maggie Bailey, Ph.D.² comes to rural East Tennessee to forget her rich and high-powered life in Washington, DC, while her ex-husband has some second thoughts, bless his little heart. The story weaves together the past and the present with her mountain ex-in-laws while Maggie learns that maybe when it comes to life, love, and liquor, her corn bread just ain’t done in the middle. 

This is a poignant and light-hearted story about unusual friendships and the craziness of love and family in North America spanning The Vietnam War to 9/11. You will love this book if you enjoy warm-hearted, or cold-hearted, Southern characters, smart strong-headed women whose love-lives get them snookered into no-way-out corner pockets. And, maybe, if you like some interesting cooking recipes (included at the book’s end). A fantastic short read for those who love sex and/or drinking! WARNING––the sex is explicit! 

In an international competition, Meg Tufano was honored with the distinction of the The Sue Ellen Hudson “Excellence in Writing” award by The Tennessee Mountain Writers Conference, its top overall prize. They also awarded her novel, "How I Started Drinking," Best Novel. 

Bottom’s up! 

“As you go skinny dipping with the snapping turtles in this hilarious novel, pour yourself a strong one! I loved 'How I Started Drinking!'” ––Dr. Jane Oswald, author of "Teaching in Black Holes in Space."


Besides academic and fiction writing, one of my life's goals is to make online learning better than land-based. Why? Because online learning is coming! Probably faster than we can now imagine. I have had some success in making online learning better than land-based, so? I think we can succeed if we work hard at it.  

Information is not knowledge:  engaging learners with information so that they become enthusiastic about knowledge is at the heart of great course design!

My strongest technical expertise is in Research, WritingEditing, Publishing and Instructional Design

Send query letters for publication of books or submissions to The Journal for Social Era Knowledge to

The background photo above is from a home I visited in Vouvay, France.


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More about Meg Tufano:

I am also a group leader in providing Google Apps to businesses and academic institutions through The McDermott MultiMedia Group.  I have strong expertise is in developing practical web courses of study in thoughtful, exploratory and narrative subjects and am the creator of an award-winning internet course that I developed and then redesigned over ten years for the Tennessee Board of Regents. It has become one of the most successful online humanities courses in the world. 
  • Strong new social era organization skills:  while training all the other professors needed to teach her course, I developed the internet skills needed to organize groups of people from all over the world, all working entirely online.  
  • Available as a speaker on social era subjects, I have been a public speaker representing Webster University (Leiden, The Netherlands); Maastricht University (Maastricht, The Netherlands) and at various other venues through the think-tank, SynaptIQ+.
  • Critical thinker:  Meg has designed and taught a college-level course in critical thinking for Webster University (Leiden, The Netherlands) that is currently being considered by McGraw-Hill for publication as a text and eBook.

I attended St. John’s College (Great Books), and received my B.A. from The University of Toronto.  My M.A. is from Antioch University, Both of my degrees are in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a focus on philosophy and psychology.
Bragging rights
I designed and developed one of the most successful online humanities courses in the world and founded a think-tank & publishing house.
  • Antioch University Midwest
    M.A., Interdisciplinary Studies, 1998 - 2000
  • University of Toronto
    B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies
  • St. John's College, Great Books
  • Carnegie Mellon University
    Dramatic Arts
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Meg McDermott (former name used for my fiction writing).


Meg Tufano

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Great Hearts
And here is the #DailyProverbPoster   - the proverb is Armenian:
If my heart be narrow, what avail to me that the world is large?
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Meg Tufano

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An Unexpected and Happy Surprise:  Concern for the Poor from a Right Wing Think Tank


From the article:

"The Dalai Lama’s teaching defies freighted ideological labels."

"There is much for Americans to absorb here. Advocates of free enterprise must remember that the system’s moral core is neither profits nor efficiency. It is creating opportunity for individuals who need it the most."

"We need to combine an effective, reliable safety net for the poor with a hard look at modern barriers to upward mobility."
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Incentives that reward specific acts. Let's say teaching abstinence only sex ed or giving the principal money for kids passing a test.
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I Still Think Everyone Has Ayaan Hirsi Ali Wrong and I Still Think Brandeis in Particular Made the Wrong Decision

Dr. Ali makes it clear (to me, anyway) that she is not so much against the Islam faith as she is against injustice for women, no matter who inflicts it.  

I did not go as far as some of the writers who agreed with me (I certainly do not think Brandeis is endorsing murder!)  As to standing up for offensive speech?  I think Malik has got something there.
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Meg Tufano

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A Trail Above the Horizon
Cascade Head, Tillamook County, OR

My wife and I explored the Cascade Head trail over the weekend.  Having never been to this area before, I was hoping to do a little photography and to scout out the location for future photo shoots.  The hike covered a bit more elevation than I expected, but the view from the top was phenomenal.  The wind was pretty extraordinary as well.  I was more than a little concerned my tripod would topple over.  The initial fall would have been bad, but the continued tumble down the meadow slopes would have been a good finishing punch. I am looking forward to adventuring here again!

#pnwphotos #cascadehead #oregon #sunset #oregoncoastsunset   #oregoncoast #oregonlandscapephotography #landscapephotography
+Landscape Photography +Landscape Photography Show +Margaret Tompkins +Jim Warthman +Kevin Rowe +Johan Peijnenburg +David Heath Williams +Tom Hierl +Carolyn Lim +Howard L. Smith +Kai Kosonen +Sheila B. DuBois +Toshi Nakamura +David Pilasky +Bill Wood
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Meg Tufano

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Picture Speaks for Itself
That is the great Crusader castle Krak des Chevaliers (Qalaat el Hosn) under fire. It is just one of many places I visited in Syria some years ago: the human cost and the cultural cost of this war is staggering.
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+Rebecca L The nature of violence is to just destroy.  Watch a kid whittle at a desk and, often, it's inane destruction.  We need to appreciate what has been created.  (One of the points of an education.)  But even with that, so much unnecessary roughness.  Life is hard enough and we need to add war to it?  <sigh>
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Meg Tufano

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What Do You Think ?

Should we give public scrutiny to criminals, possibly upping the desire by others who are on the brink?

And watch them turn themselves into a joke?  (+Joanna Weiss 's point).

I, for one, am always careful to remember that people who have been victimized do not want to have their entire lives defined by some heinous crime. But should that mean ignoring the criminal?

It is odd to me that we have not given hardly ANY press to what I think are the two most major stories of the past year:  the FBI, with help from the NSA, uncovering and prosecuting the Irish/American pornographer; and The Silk Road owner.  We're talking stopping sex slavery, illegal drug selling and child pornography.  It got maybe fifteen minutes.

I wrote about the details of those cases here:
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Meg Tufano

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Yesterday  We Were Talking About Making the Internet like Any Other Utility

Water, gas, electricity, internet...and today there was this at The Wall Street Journal:  broadcasters do not own the airwaves, we, the people, do.  

So, how do we get our piece of the Internet?  Does it HAVE to go through the same cycle as Ma Bell?  First a monopoly (Comcast), then gets broken up again?  (Read "The Master Switch" for more on this cycle.)
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Forgot to plus in +Jeff Jockisch .
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Meg Tufano

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* +David Amerland's New Book* !!!!

A review by +Mark Traphagen 
A review of the most complete book-form treatment of Google's disruptive video chat and broadcast technology.
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Thanks +Meg Tufano
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Meg Tufano

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Tomorrow's America

By the numbers.  Brace yourself.
Demographic transformations are dramas in slow motion. America is in the midst of two right now. Our population is becoming majority non-white at the same time a record share is going gray.
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+Mathieu Plourde And maybe we ought to pay more attention to immigration?  I cannot understand ANY disapprobation of immigration because of our history, our laws, our principles.  I really am not hearing any arguments against immigration just some odd attitudes towards it.  I don't get it at all.  
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I Would Love to Have This Job

I really would.  

I didn't realize the Washington Post checks facts every month.  Not only during campaigns.  The most interesting is #5 where the big lies of U.S. Presidents are all together in one clump.  Only Jerry Ford and Jimmy Carter had no sound bites.  The scale of orders of magnitude seem a bit off:  Nixon secretly bombed an entire country for a year while saying he wasn't doing it (he did a lot more, but no good sound bites I guess); Reagan sold arms for hostages (and made some kind of deal with the devil to keep those hostages locked up until his first day in office (not mentioned)); Clinton committed adultery (yawn); W waged two wars for no good reason (his "sorry" seems awfully weak, doesn't it?); and President Obama said you could keep your health insurance coverage if you liked it.  Uh, that last is maybe a lie, but the proportion seems a bit off?  Bombing, Hostages, Adultery, 2 Wars, and a Wonk Error?  Oh well, sometimes you just need a sound bite!  ;')  
Our monthly round-up of the most popular fact checks features Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz and presidential deceptions.
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MegTufanoWinter2013 - SynaptIQ+ Social Era Knowledge

SynaptIQ+ draws on the diverse expertise of industry thought leaders prominent in the social-ecosystem to guide organizations through the pr