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Too True Department
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Cannot totally agree with that, as world affairs I am reasonably ofay with. Plus a great deal of that (opinion) is in the g plus stream from Americans I would hazard a guess.  No media there just individuals. Sabre rattling Russia is not media propaganda either. +Meg Tufano There is quite the list, and you are or have battled to get health care reform through no?
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Meg Tufano

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And as you may have guessed, I am finding this #growthmindset  morning routine to be really congenial: I start the day by poking around in the growth mindset stream at Twitter, retweeting things I like until I find something that seems meme-worthy! I also find other items that I'll be able to use later as resources even if they are not something I can turn into cats. For example:
“Nobody knows everything. There is always more to learn for our students. Via @edutopia #sunchat #GrowthMindset”
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Meg Tufano

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Too True Department
Quotable - George Bernard Shaw, born 26 July 1856, died 2 November 1950. Read more here:
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Yay !
The Oregon state legislature passed a bill last week that ensures that if eligible students apply for federal grants for community college, the states will cover the remainder of their tuition.
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Hey, +Anne-Marie Clark, this seems like a job for The Internetz of Things!!! All those forms? We could power up a group to help kids fill out applications!!! +Laura Gibbs and +George Station, what do you think??? +Kimberly Hayworth???? Would Stanford want to start up a Help-Out-A-Community-College Student???? 
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Meg Tufano

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No Words
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G+ Nite
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Help !
Hey everyone! We are just $900 short of our $10K Indiegogo campaign goal to fund Silicon North Stars, our nonprofit that brings students from underserved communities in Minnesota to our one-week tech camp in Silicon Valley. We'd love your help getting across the finish line in the next 40 hours!  

The students tour tech companies like +Google, +Lyft, Facebook and more... and pitch their own startup ideas to the tech community at the end of the week. Find our more at

+Mary Grove +Connor Swenson +Kyle Coolbroth +R.T. Rybak +Matthew Grove and I thank you!!
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+Melissa Brown <sigh> But, the good news, is they did meet their $10,000 goal. So, I guess they get to go!  I wish we would run wars this way; and spend billions on kids!!!!!
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Meg Tufano

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It's Not Your Opinion; You Are Wrong

Socrates speaks of the differences between opinion and knowledge this way . . . 

OPINION: I have some friends who've been to Megara and they each gave me directions so I have an opinion as to how to get to Megara.

OPINION: There is a map made by the local people that shows how to get to Megara, so I have an opinion how to get to Megara.

KNOWLEDGE: I have used the map and been to Megara.

WRONG: I listened to my friends but the person who has been to Megara says they are full of it (think "Snopes").  

h/t +Jeff Jockisch 
No, It's Not Your Opinion. You're Just Wrong

In other words, you can form an opinion in a bubble, and for the first couple of decades of our lives we all do. However, eventually you are going to venture out into the world and find that what you thought was an informed opinion was actually just a tiny thought based on little data and your feelings. Many, many, many of your opinions will turn out to be uninformed or just flat out wrong. No, the fact that you believed it doesn’t make it any more valid or worthwhile, and nobody owes your viewpoint any respect simply because it is yours.

You can be wrong or ignorant. It will happen. Reality does not care about your feelings. Education does not exist to persecute you. The misinformed are not an ethnic minority being oppressed.

My opinion is that this post is awesome. #reason  
You may think that something is "just your opinion", but often you're just wrong.
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+Meg Tufano OMG 
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Meg Tufano

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No Words
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Meg Tufano

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No Words
Each time the losses and deceptions of life teach us about impermanence, they bring us closer to the truth. When you fall from a great height, there is only one possible place to land: on the ground—the ground of truth. And if you have the understanding that comes from spiritual practice, then falling is in no way a disaster, but the discovery of an inner refuge.
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If a rock should fall on an egg, alas for the egg. But if an egg should fall on a rock, alas for the egg.
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  • Antioch University Midwest
    M.A., Interdisciplinary Studies, 1998 - 2000
  • University of Toronto
    B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies
  • St. John's College, Great Books
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I love people. I love teaching. I love books. I love to write.  

So, I'm always having a good time loving something!

I am a founding partner, along with David Amerland, Robert E. del Sol, Shaker Cherukuri and Leland LeCuyer, of SynaptIQ+, The think tank for social era knowledge.

I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Journal for Social Era Knowledge which is going into its second Volume, second Issue (May 2014).  This is a peer-reviewed journal, global in scope, but written in English, published online three times a year by SynaptIQ+.  Its purpose is to stimulate research and encourage business and academic exchanges for the advancement of social era understanding.  

It also publishes short fiction, theoretical essays, best-practices in social era expertise, poetry and empirical papers for those interested in the compelling questions engendered by the introduction of the social era.  

The Journal encourages submissions by new writers (see submission requirements) and welcomes high-quality content on the practical, philosophical, scientific and human interest insights on the following subjects: 

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Besides academic and fiction writing, one of my life's goals is to make online learning better than land-based. Why? Because online learning is coming! Probably faster than we can now imagine. I have had some success in making online learning better than land-based, so? I think we can succeed if we work hard at it.  I am an experienced (over ten years) course designer and am happy to help those who are starting out.

Information is not knowledge:  engaging learners with information so that they become enthusiastic about knowledge is at the heart of great course design!

My strongest technical expertise is in Research, WritingEditing, Publishing and Instructional Design

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More about Meg Tufano:

I attended St. John’s College (Great Books), and received my B.A. from The University of Toronto.  My M.A. is from Antioch University, Both of my degrees are in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a focus on philosophy and psychology.

I am a novelist, my book which won The Tennessee Writer's 'Best Novel Award' published by S+™ last year available for purchase here.
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I designed and developed one of the most successful online humanities courses in the world and helped found a think-tank, an academic journal & publishing house.
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The Plot Against Trains - The New Yorker

This week’s horrific Amtrak derailment renewed arguments about Americans’ failure to build for the common good.

Those who can

IMAGINE a job where excellence does nothing to improve your pay or chances of promotion, and failure carries little risk of being sacked. Yo

From "Open" to Justice #OpenCon2014

Here are the transcript and slides from the talk I gave this morning at OpenCon 2014. I was a little nervous as to how well this would be re

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The Journal for Social Era Knowledge Meg Tufano, Editor-in-Chief Publisher, S+™ Author of "The Deep Dark Web, The NSA, and Personal Privacy:

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Take the kids downtown to go shopping at Sears for back to school clothes the last week of August. Get everyone a new pair of corduroys and

James Risen calls Obama 'greatest enemy of press freedom in a generation'

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Payday loan lenders are the most prevalent business in the U.S. – moreso than even Starbucks or McDonalds. This boggled John Oliver's mind.

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A union leader is being hailed as a possible mayor in Chicago while elsewhere mayors are pursuing policies Obama has been unable to enact on

SynaptIQ+ Social Era Knowledge

Homepage for SynaptIQ+, The think tank for social era knowledge. Access to business and educational consultants, a library of resources for

Iran Hawk Lindsey Graham Says We Need to Work With Iran to Fix Iraq

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How the Digitial Revolution Saved the Library by Derrick Wlodarz, edited by Meg Tufano for The Journal for Social Era Knowledge, Spring 2014

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I have worked on so many non-fiction books that I sometimes feel like a family doctor who has cared for so many patients he can diagnose a p

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#YesAllWomen in ed-tech. Earlier this week, Ariel Norling published an incredibly brave article — an incredibly difficult to read article —

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This week, an American Islamists who has been fighting with an al-Qaeda-linked group in Syria perpetrated a suicide strike, the first to be

Don't regulate professors' tweets | Al Jazeera America

University social media policies don't just quell free speech, they impede scholars' ability to grow

Journal - SynaptIQ+ Social Era Knowledge

Spring 2014 Journal for Social Era Knowledge

Preferred Pest & Turf Management showed up on time, were thorough in their evaluation of the pest issues, charged a reasonable price for their service, were vigilant even though there was no supervision by me. Moreover, they were polite, respectful and know what they are doing. I have built 27 houses and I have never dealt with a better pest control service. Meg Tufano Knoxville, TN
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