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This is stunningly beautiful!
Beautiful macro,amazing color!
What a lovely shot with all this rain drops!! Very beautiful, Meg!!
Lovely, love the water droplets and in certain places they look like twinkling starts :))
Thanks for all the wonderful comments, +1's and share.
Have a great day everyone :)
Great picture of my favorite flower......;)
What a beautiful flower. Thank you for contributing it to the theme.
Wonderful capture and a beautiful orchid.
Great shot, Meg. I like the color of the orchid and these droplets!
Lovely shot. Beautiful orchid and what a name to go with it!
Thank you very much +Arka Sarkar I wonder where they come up with such unusual names :)
I really love flowers but I don't have any at home, especially orchids they are very beautiful.
+Agricula Narte Thanks ~ You should pick up a few flowering plants. They are beautiful to have around the house :)
Thank you for sharing me this post,  have a nice day as well.
very beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing me this post. To see this beautiful flowers in the morning, It will make my life complete.(thank you so much Meg Rousher).
very nice!!! I really love flowers specially orchids. Thank you so much Meg for sharing me this post
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