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David going over his notes ahead of this morning's Meet the Press. He'll talk with Newt Gingrich and Gov. Martin O'Malley on Decision 2012, jobs and economy.
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Newt is always good for entertainment. Is he suppoting Romney now? Let's see how he handles the Bain questions.
Saw the show it is clear NBC and their other affiliates are pro Pres Obama. The media needs to return to it's roots "objective" and state the facts and let the people make their own choice. The round table showed the inaccuracies of the facts from NBC and the Dems. Some Dems recognize they must do what is right for the country and the people. 
Too Bad Walter Chronkite isn't around.. even though it was before my time.. Dad told me how he just state the facts.. without trying to be entertaining..
The western media Is biased in so many ways that I stopped listening to them and them alone !They take sides in almost every thing. Usualy the wrong side because they are controlled by the C.I.A. . No I'm not a conspiracy nut but just aware of the truth. Please use the internet to look at ALL sides befor you decide on anything. There are many sites that are out here that give the other side. Remember that they (western media are supposed to do the just the facts but often over dramatise things to sell thier product. Yes Mr. Cronkite did just that when he told the truth about Viet Nam even though the government did not like it. The media should just report the facts and leave us to decide for ourselves what is important. TRUTH IS THE KEY WORD !
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