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A quick video of David's thoughts after this morning's Meet the Press. What did you think of the program?
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), the leading voice in the Republican party on immigration policy, stressed the need for a long-term solution to our country's immigration issue and criticized President Obama's...
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I'll watch the rebroadcast on MSNBC. No one ever says "Yeah, I want to be #2 on the ticket... until they're #2 on the ticket." This is the first time, I've seen your post-show wrap up. As long as you continue to post it here, I'll continue to watch. I watch +Maria Bartiromo's Market Minute because her posts remind me to watch!

One last thought, maybe the DOJ should've renamed Fast and Furious "The Shield, Season 3." Didn't the same thing happen to the Strike Team with roughly the same consequences?
I did enjoy the East Coast/West Coast question! I would +1 that question.
Here was my problem with Rubio. He kept insisting that the answer to David's question on amnesty depended on the context, but I thought David was making it clear that the context, in question, was our current socio-political context. So it felt as though Rubio were simply being evasive on the issue, which is quite prudent.
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