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David's take after this morning's Meet the Press - what did you think of the program?
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I think it would have been effective to have some examples of legal assault weapons on the desk...with 30 round clips and 100 round magazines and make him justify their existence in the public sector.
David did get on the record the fact that there isn't a single piece of legislation towards sane gun control that he would support.....which about says it all.
Gregory did a really good job exposing the double standards in the NRA's stance. LaPierre's stubbornness against any legislation that addressed guns was really disappointing. 
We should ban gas powered cars. They are dangerous. 
No gas powered cars are too fast. they kill people and I'm not comfortable with you driving them any more. I need the govt to take care of me because I'm not accountable and I'm afraid to rely on myself or the citizens around me.
Oh btw how is gun control working for Chicago? Was that 62 children slain 446 shot. So we should all do it. That's just well thought out thinking going on there. 
So David's kid's private school can have guns but not a public school?
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