Last week, +Steve Litchfield and +Ted Salmon discussed Yotaphone 3 and it's e-ink screen.

Yesterday, as i roamed IFA halls, i found a device i have never heard of before - Hisense A2 Pro, a phone with secondary 5.2" e-ink display.. It is very similar to Yotaphone 3, i wouldn't be surprised if both are made by same ODM. Main difference seems to be that Hisene has sidemounted fingerprint sensor, while Yotaphone has one on the front.
The e-ink screen was surprisingly responsive, definitely faster than the one on my Kindle Paperwhite.
Hisense is known for their TV's and fridges, but not for phones, still, given that Hisense has way larger global footprint and much better finances for marketing, they could make it actually available on more markets.

Shot a quick video of e-ink display in action. Quality is very bad, but perhaps gives some idea.

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