How long can it take for the side effects of Methylprednisolone to subside? From our forums: “I was prescribed this medication for a breakout of hives I was experiencing. My doctor prescribed what is commonly known as the Z pack consisting of 6 tablets the first day, 5 tablets the next, and so on with one tablet less each day for six days. Well since I was instructed to take the first day's dose all at once, I assumed the same instructions were to apply to future doses. The next day I took all 5 tablets at once, when I should have taken only 1 before breakfast, 1 after lunch, 1 after supper and 2 at bedtime and so on for the other doses. Anyway, by mid-day my tongue and throat under my chin started swelling, almost to the point where I could barely talk and almost couldn't swallow. I then read the instructions and realized that these side effects were due to my not taking the next day’s dose properly. I followed the instructions for the remainder of the pack, and my tongue returned to normal and my ability to swallow returned, however I still have puffiness in my throat under my chin and my question is will the puffiness in my neck/throat go back to the way is was or is this turkey neck a permanent side effect.“ #Methylprednisolone

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