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Meditation Guru
Meditation is the way !
Meditation is the way !


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Official spiritual reality video

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Official Spiritual reality video.

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Meditation is the journey of our consciousness towards the Self.

Sleep is unconscious Meditation
Meditation is conscious sleep.
We receive some amount of Cosmic Energy in sleep and in deep silence.
We receive abundant Cosmic Energy in Meditation.
Meditation is the journey of our consciousness from:
Body to Mind,
Mind to Intellect,
Intellect to Self,
and Beyond.

To do Meditation, the first thing is Posture.
We may sit in any posture. Posture must be comfortable and stable.
We may sit either on the floor or on a chair.
Cross your legs clasp the fingers.
Close your eyes gently.
Relax, relax.
Then, Observe your normal Breath
Do not chant any Mantra, do not think of any God.
Just witness the Breath.
If any thoughts come, do not go behind the thoughts, do not negate the thoughts
Just come back observe the Breath.
Witness the Breath.
Be the Breath.
Just Be.
This is the WAY. This is the Meditation Technique.
Then one reaches:
No Thought and No Breath state.
This is the Meditative State.
By more and more Meditation, we receive abundant Cosmic Energy.
Our Energy body gets cleansed, Third Eye get activated, and further perfected, Astral Travel happens, we understand Life After Life and many more.

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Cosmic Energy

The Cosmic Energy exists everywhere in the Cosmos. It is the Bond between the galaxies, the planets, humans and molecules. It is the 'space' between each and everything. It is the bond, which keeps the whole cosmos in order. Cosmic Energy is the 'Life Force'. This Cosmic Energy is essential to maintain the order of our life and to expand our Consciousness. Cosmic Energy is the base for all our actions and functions. We receive some amount of Cosmic Energy in deep Sleep and in total Silence. We are using this energy for our day-to-day activities of our Mind like seeing, speaking, hearing, thinking and all actions of our Body. This limited energy gained through sleep is not sufficient for these activities. That is why we feel exhausted, tired and tensed. This leads to mental and physical stress and all kinds of illnesses. The only way to overcome this is to get more and more Cosmic Energy. Cosmic Energy is essential to: Maintain the order of our life To lead a healthy and happy life To totally involve in all situations we are in To obtain Knowledge And finally For expansion of our Consciousness. Abundant Cosmic Energy is obtained, only through Meditation.

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Pyramid Power

Pyramid is the most stable structure, which receives the highest Cosmic Energy in this Planet Earth. Pyramid forms at an angle 52 degrees51 minutes and because of this Angle, it receives the highest Cosmic Energy. Pyramid can be constructed with any material. Materials make no difference in the receiving of the Cosmic Energy. Pyramid has to be aligned to perfect cardinal directions- north, south, east and west. Cosmic Energy gets accumulated at 1/3rd height from the base of the Pyramid. This place is known as King's Chamber. Cosmic Energy will be the maximum in the King's Chamber and it spreads throughout the Pyramid. A crystal fixed at the apex of the Pyramid, multiplies and distributes the Cosmic Energy throughout the Pyramid. The No Thought State or NirmalaSthithi is attained three times faster if one meditates inside the Pyramid. Pyramid can be used for communication with higher frequencies. Meditation in the Pyramid helps in Healing and for all Meditation Experiences.
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