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Perspectives on Digital Media
Perspectives on Digital Media

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Imagine using more video in your marketing

Most marketers wish they used more video. Find out how you can easily increase your use of video without breaking the bank and burning out.

#ContentMarketing #VideoMarketing #SocialMediaMarketing 

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Grab Attention & Boost Engagement with this Content Strategy
If you share the same content as everybody else you get lost in the crowd. Here's how to make one small change that will get you results.

#ContentMarketing #smm #socialmedia #curation #tools

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Affiliate Marketing is a Great way to Scale your Marketing
If you want to scale your marketing and sales, affiliate marketing is an interesting option. There are some unique challenges with using it for Apps. Here's how we overcame them for our app MondoPlayer.

#affiliatemarketing #affiliate #contentmarketing #appmarketing #sales

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4 Reasons to share other people's Video on Facebook
Learn how to boost engagement on Facebook by using other people's videos. Find tools to make it fast and easy.

#Facebook #socialmedia #contentmarketing #video

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How to make your "Aha" Moment into a Marketing Success
Learn to convey the "Aha" of your product or service to potential customers. Make sure they understand and buy into your value proposition.

#startup #marketing #ContentMarketing

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Video Content can Massively Grow your Audience

New research reveals that our potential audience for video content is larger than we think. Find out actionable ways to to expand your audience.

#contentmarketing #videomarketing #socialmediamarketing

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Tips on What Makes Videos More Likely to be Shared
If you are going to put time and energy into making your own videos, you want them to be popular. Here are some tips with examples, on what makes a video more likely to be liked and shared by your audience.

#contentmarketing #smm #video

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Video Curation can Ignite your Content Marketing
Here is why you should curate third party video to share on social media and in your content marketing.

#contentmarketing #curation #video

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How to turn your Video Content into a Marketing Asset
Your video content could be acting like a detour sign and sending visitors away from your site. Or it may be buried so deep on your site nobody will ever find it. Here's a couple of easy fixes to get you more exposure.

#contentmarketing   #smm   #seotips  

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Sometimes Bad Design is a Good Thing.
Having things look pretty but not function defeats the purpose. Here are 7 reasons why bad design is OK.

#Design   #ContentMarketing   #startup  
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