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Media Funds® (A Division Of CTAP Inc.) OIDMTC Consultants
OIDMTC, Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit, SR&ED, SRED, R and D , R&D tax credits, OIDMTC consultants Toronto, Experts in Canadian Tax Credit Processing - CTAP Inc - Media Funds
OIDMTC, Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit, SR&ED, SRED, R and D , R&D tax credits, OIDMTC consultants Toronto, Experts in Canadian Tax Credit Processing - CTAP Inc - Media Funds


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New Proposed Changes to the Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (OIDMTC)

•    OIDMTC will only be available for entertainment products or educational products for children under the age of 12. This means that the information category is out and now there is a specific target market for the Education category.
•    Some products will be excluded such as search engines, real estate databases, or news and public affairs which were previously eligible prior to this new proposal. 
•    The rules excluding promotional products will be strengthened. Prior to this arrangement 
•    These changes will apply to expenditures incurred after April 23, 2015.
•    Some relief will be available for expenditures incurred for products that started before April 24, 2015, that will no longer be eligible for the credit.
•    The “90% developed by” rule will be replaced with a new requirement that 80% of total labour costs for eligible products be attributable to the qualifying corporation’s qualifying wages and qualifying remuneration for individuals and personal services corporations. Additionally, 25% of the total labour costs must be attributable to qualifying wages of employees of the qualifying corporation. These changes will help improve the certification process, reduce processing times and provide certainty to applicants.
•    The “80/25” rule will apply to all products including those applications currently waiting for certification. 
•    Information about the proposed changes and examples of products that would be eligible for the credit will be provided in a bulletin expected shortly from the Ministry of Finance.
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Integrating new hardware technology with software can result in an interactive experience that your audience will find engaging. OIDMTC is a refundable tax credit which allows Ontario corporations to receive back money in the form of a cheque based on expenses from wages/salaries used towards digital media product development. What is OIDMTC?
Designers Are Ditching The Mouse For The “Flow” 3D Motion Touch Controller
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3 Criteria for the Digital Media Credit:

Each interactive digital media product must meet the following criteria:

1.       It must be interactive – The user is influenced into making a decision and from that decision they can change the outcome displayed.  Not looking for point and click, it must be more dynamic.

2.       The primary purpose is to inform, educate, or entertain the user

3.       The primary purpose must be achieved using at least two of the following three components: Text, sound, and/or images

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Below are examples that may help make your products OIDMTC eligible.
Let’s say a client approaches you and requires a website to be built.. 
Sure you can build a static , standard website and meet the clients demands. But what if you make it interactive? Not only will the client appreciate it more but this will allow you to claim 35% - 40% of ALL product development costs that went into creating the product. (This includes marketing and distribution, such as travel expenses, trade shows, online advertising etc.)
Imagine for a moment that your client is a local Restaurant or food joint and part of the mission objective is to re-design the food menu for their website. One way to make it interactive and dynamic in comparison to linear.point and click events, is for instance:

Listing all ingredients of the meal to inform users and allowing users to customize their menu by calculating calories based on ingredients and the quantity they consume. 
This enables users to change the outcome based on their input and the ability to control the next step. 
All Games are considered interactive, e-learning products are generally interactive because there is a quiz or test at the end.
Make sure your product fits into one of three categories:
1)      Education
2)      Information
3)      Entertainment
And that your product has two of three elements:
1)      Text
2)      Sound
3)      Images
Feel free to ask any questions. Share and +1


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Are you an   #Ontario  Corporation that develops market-ready interactive digital media products with content?   The #digitalmediataxcredit   supports companies by providing access to the final piece of funding required to move content projects into production.  To Learn more about The   #interactive       #digital     #media       #taxcredit  , visit:

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Did you know that tools such as word processors and email clients are ineligible for #OIDMTC  , #IDMTC  ?
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