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Delicious and Supernutritious Bites for Stamina, Immunity, and Nutrition!
Delicious and Supernutritious Bites for Stamina, Immunity, and Nutrition!

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GUESS my name!! An Indian #superfood - my green leaves have been used in traditional cuisines for years to give the #delicious tangy flavour and often #pickled to make the yummiest sides to go with rice! Here are some of my health benefits:
1. Good source of carbohydrates, fiber and protein. It is also an excellent source of vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B1 (thiamin), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B9 (folic acid) and vitamin C.
2. High in dietary fiber that can help improve your digestive health.
3. Being a rich source of iron, helps in increasing the production of red blood cells, thus preventing #anemia caused by iron deficiency.
4. It has remarkable ability to lower the bad #cholesterol or low density lipoproteins (LDL) levels and increase the good cholesterol or high density lipoproteins (HDL) levels in the body.
5. It is a great source of potassium and magnesium, hence a great food to prevent #hypertension.
6. It contains high levels of vitamin A that helps in improving eyesight and preventing night blindness.
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Chilly Cucumber #Basil Sorbet is a frozen creamy treat! It is Vegan and Gluten-Free. It can be a perfect healthy #dessert for your family gathering. This recipe by Chef Priya is a #sugarfree dessert with a little spice in its flavour. You may skip adding the green chilli if you don’t want to make it spicy. Learn recipe here: #medhyaherbals #healthyrecipes #ayurveda #cleaneating

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Generally artificial sweeteners are regarded safe to consume, however one should still be cautious of multiple side effects or perhaps addiction to sugar they can bring along with them. Here some of the health impacts, one should be cautious of. Learn more here:
1. Artificial sweeteners can reduce the body response to normal sugar.
2. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine stated that the users of artificial sweeteners have an increased risk of lower urinary tract cancers.
3. A study stated that glucose management is worse in people who consume artificial sweeteners as compared to those who don’t consume them.
4. They don’t provide any nutrients - vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, or healthy fats whatsoever unlike natural sweeteners such as Honey and Jaggery

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High blood pressure or #hypertension is a medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is chronically high.
1. Hypertension is of two types, namely, primary or essential hypertension and secondary hypertension. Most of the cases (90–95%) are of primary hypertension whereas 5 to 10% of cases are of secondary hypertension.
2. Primary hypertension occurs due to lifestyle or genetic factors while the reasons for secondary hypertension are chronic kidney disease, endocrine disorders, atherosclerosis of renal arteries, use of birth control pills, etc.
Learn more here:

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#Amaranth leaves (Cholai ka saag in hindi) are a #nutrition powerhouse and stand along with highly reverred Kale in terms of their nutrient content. It is a super food with all essential ingredients to health.
1. A high mineral content such as Iron, Manganese, Copper, and Calcium leads to balancing of electrolytes in the body and boosts up mineral levels naturally.
2. A high fiber content of Amaranth leaves aids in digestion and promotes weight loss, in fact they form part of essential #Ayurvedic dietary regime during #digestive health issues.
3. They are also able to control #cholesterol level and also help in controlling hypertension.
4. Apart from being a top rated iron rich foods, they are also a great food option for #Diabetic.
Learn a delicious recipe here: #medhyaherbals #healthyfoods #ayurveda

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Often used as a traditional medicine, highly reverred by older generation, and an Ayurvedic elixir; #Ghee has amazing nutritional and #health benefits.
1. Many sources have confirmed that it is an Ayurvedic #superfood that is useful for our mind and body.
2. It is rich in CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) which is a powerful antioxidant.
3. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and anti-cancer.
You can read more about the nutritional values of ghee by clicking here. #medhyaherbals #ayurveda

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Memory booster herbs and foods are often classified into the category of Nootropics, the ultra smart cognitive enhancement herbs that improve mental action, experience and senses. They have been seen to give a push to the executive functions of the body and produce an overall uplift to the wellness that lasts forever. Learn more here:
1. Brahmi
2. Ashwagandha
3. Mulethi / Licorice
4. Guduchi
5. Jyotishmati
6. Shankhpushpi
#medhyaherbals #adaptogens #ayurveda #healthyme #instahealthy #memorybooster #herbs #nootropics

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Did you know that food combinations play a big role into how your food is assimilated? Not all food combinations are created equal and hence their consumption can do more harm than good! In fact a wrong combination of two or multiple good foods can lead to a blend that will disturb your digestive system and cause allergic reactions or inflammation in the body. These are termed as "VIRUDDHA AHARA" in Ayurveda. Avoid and stop taking these combinations to stay healthy. Learn more here:
Most common in Viruddha Ahara list:
1. Fruits with Milk - Yes you heard it right! Banana Shake or Mango Shake is not a good idea after all.
2. Fish or Sea Food with Dairy.
3. Heating the honey - So, honey in the teas is not a good idea!!
4. Consumption of yoghurt or melons (including cucumbers) in the night.
5. Milk and yoghurt together.
6. Tapioca with melons.
7. Honey and Ghee in equal quantities.
#medhyaherbals #ayurveda #viruddhaahara #healthy #fightinflammation #stopdiabetes #hearthealthy

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#HERB of this week is #Shatavari - A wonderful #adaptogen is reverred in #Ayurveda for its positive impact on female health and fertility. Here are some of its amazing properties:
1. Can help cure Urinary Tract Infections - UTI
2. Powerful #Galactagogue - supports lactation in new mothers
3. Balances all #Doshas - hence boosting up your health and fight off #inflammation in the body
4. Stimulates the #immune system and #detoxifies
Learn more in here:

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Can you GUESS my name!!
I am the seed of a reverred Ayurvedic herb.
I have amazing medicinal and nutritional properties and nearly zero calories!!
When soaked in water, I can swell up to 10 times of my original size and form a key ingredient of summer cooler FALOODA.
Rich in Omega 3s, antioxidants, Minerals, and Vitamins - I am a must to have for young and old.
I pacify all three Doshas and an excellent food for all seasons and all body types.
I will keep you full for long with low calories, provide essential fiber to bring your digestive system on track, and help support weight loss!
I am heart healthy and can help you lower down bad cholesterol.
You can avail me now on Medhya Herbals and start your journey with health right away!
#medhyaherbals #ayurveda #herbs #seeds #healthy #cleaneating #weightloss #delicious
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