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Medical website design and marketing for physicians
Medical website design and marketing for physicians


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We are happy to announce that MedForward Forms now supports several key new features including: File upload (with image compression), Additional security step with SMS, SMS based notifications, Bulk edits, and API access for easier integration with other software.

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Minimalist Design

Stripping away distractions keeps focus on content, and when done artfully creates the popular visual aesthetic of minimalism. Some benefits include reduced loading times, increased legibility, atmosphere of sophistication and many more.

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A large health care services company has been fined $650,000 by the Dept. of Health and Human Services for violating HIPAA secure protocols when an iPhone containing sensitive information was stolen.

It’s important to secure mobile devices by putting into place appropriate tools, secure encrypted email and forms, and make sure that mobile devices which contain sensitive information can be wiped or secured if they are lost or stolen. Mobile devices should not contain sensitive information unless it is absolutely necessary for business function.

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Why online reviews should be taken with caution for medical providers:
1) Medical results can take weeks or months to resolve whereas online reviews are spontaneously posted. It's hard to know if they were right or wrong upon initial evaluation.
2) Sometimes a doctor needs to say what a patient does not want to hear.
3) Many websites allow you to pay a fee to adjust the order in which reviews appear and can alter the appearance of reviews. Make sure the reviews are
4) If a doctor doesn't have an online reputation management plan in place, their one or two reviews may look bad, but it's because none of their existing happy loyal patient has gone online to share a positive experience.

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Recent Google Changes ---And Why They Matter for Your Practice

Exciting New Form Features!

In 2015, MedForward expanded our secure online forms solutions to include some exciting new features. These features include the ability to map your responsive HTML form to a custom PDF form. Also, patients can now fill out a form in a fillable PDF format. MedForward Forms also now support an ink style signature. If you're interested in adding these features to your current forms, please give us a call or contact

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How important is email marketing? Very. Here are 7 email marketing trends you shouldn't be ignoring:

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It's best to type your password each time for your important accounts and not use the "remember password" feature. It's important to realize that the tools which remember your passwords are not invulnerable to hacks as this case illustrates:

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Lessons learned from recent Anthem data breach

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SEO Challenges Your Practice Could Face in the New Year - Top changes in search engine ranking to help stay ahead of your competitors.
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