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The Moment The Music Stopped

With every note of a finger still ringing in your ears,
Every rifle, spinning, suspended in your mind,
Every crack of a drum still beating through your veins,
You know it's all over.
You know this moment will never happen again.
You know the magic in...The moment the music stopped.

When the music stops, the dance is done
So listen and dance with all your heart and mind
Always dance as if… it would be your last one
Live life to the fullest, let the dance and the music unwind

When the magic is gone, it's gone forever
So leave room for mystery, in your life every day
Leave a bit of the unknown, in your every endeavour
For when the magic is gone, it's gone to stay

For when the music stops
And when the magic is gone
You can smile and look back
At a life that's well done

For when the music once stops
You dance again never
And when the magic is gone
Sure…It's gone forever


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Have a nice holiday, everyone. But remember to never forget.
Elizabeth Heaney writes...

"As this Memorial Day neared, I invited veterans to write a one-sentence tribute to a friend they lost in combat. Heartbreaking, poignant sentences filled my inbox — the immediacy of grief stunningly apparent."

"Donny, there is an emptiness never to be filled when I think of your son who you never met — now as old as your father was back then.”

"CAP 72 — We called on clear, we called on Guard;
And Sandy, too, searched your flight path.
We didn’t know you were no longer of this earth.”

"Carrol, August was 50 years since you were killed in that place half a world away; I am old and you are forever young.”

"You, the crew of the EC-47, you ‘Silent Warriors’ — God and we remain with you.”

"I couldn’t remember his name for years and years, the one who asked to switch missions with me. His name was Chuck. I found his name on The Wall and with tears running down my face, I reminded a ghost who I was and where we had met.”

War-loss can become a heavy burden, especially if no one speaks about those who died on the battlefield. It’s understandably awkward to bring up the topic. Our culture shies away from speaking of death, and many of us hold complicated feelings about our country’s wars and those who fight them. But Memorial Day gives us a beautiful opportunity to walk through those hesitations and offer a listening ear, compassion, and solace.


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Well that just puts to shame what I'm working on for Destiny. Awesome XD

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We are made by what would break us…

"What has gone wrong becomes an opening to more of yourself and part of your gift to the world. This is the beginning of wisdom.”

Sometimes the best medicine is just taking a break from the world, finding a little corner of the universe and allowing yourself to sit down and just breathe. To recuperate. Because the truth is, life isn’t a straight path. It's curvy and bumpy and filled with mountains and oceans for you to cross and you can’t keep running on empty and expect yourself to thrive. Eventfully you will break down and need some road-side assistance and that’s okay! Take a break. Get some rest. Make the call. Hold someone’s hand. Allow yourself room to heal and to better yourself. The world is yours, you have all the time you need to heal, so take some today.....


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For Memorial Day. Never forget.

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My Morning Walk

The ocean was fairly calm this morning. Calm before the storm as they say as I keep a watch on the dark western skies. Seems there is a storm brewing in the gulf. One of those tropical cyclones as they call them. I had to smile this morning. Before a storm in this part of the world they remind you to upload your insurance policies to iCloud. You know we need a storage like that for our dreams.

I noticed this young boy building a sand castle. He was at that age where his two front teeth seemed to big for his face. Very precise he was.. building his dream in the sand. If the wall was not just right he would take his shovel and repack the sand in the plastic mold and place it just to his liking. As I walked by I complimented him on his efforts. He smiled showing those two large front teeth.

He was in a race against the tide to finish his dream before it was washed away. A lot like all the dreams in our mind. Just perfect before they are washed away by the tide of reality. I am sure he will rebuild his dream again. Maybe tomorrow, next year or even thirty years from now when he brings his children to the beach and shows them how to build a castle in the sand.

Wind blowing out of the southeast as I feel the heavy air of the low pressure streaming its way to the north. As I made my way against the wind there was a poem that stuck with me like the salt was sticking to my skin. I came across it in my reading last week and it seemed fitting for this day...

And what is so rare as a day in May?
Then, if ever, come perfect days;
Then Heaven tries earth if it be in tune,
And over it softly her warm ear lays;
Whether we look, or whether we listen,
We hear life murmur, or see it glisten…
―James Russell Lowell

Enjoying my dreams in the calm before the storm.


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~ The Dreamer

If I am lost, find me but do not ask me to come back just yet. Sit with me in this lost place and maybe you will understand why I come here too often, what draws me to my neverland. Find me, but bring me back when I am ready. Maybe you will get to know me a little better. Maybe we can get lost together...

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The image Doorknob
by Ruth Bernhard
written by Willie Osterman.

The Doorknob...

It was in the early 80’s and Ruth Bernhard was teaching at the Ansel Adams Yosemite workshop and was showing her work to a group of students. The image under discussion, and one I love dearly, is of a glass door knob with bright sun shine diffracting and creating this amazing pattern on the door.

She told the story, using all of her wonderful mannerisms, said she awoke and saw what she thought was an aberration. When she sat up, she saw that the window blind was open enough to let the sun in and hit the door knob and created this incredible pattern of diffraction. She jumped out of bed and got her camera and by the time it was set up the moment was gone. Early the following morning she was up and ready and, as often happens in San Francisco, it was foggy. I believe the next few days were foggy as well and when she finally had a clear day the magic was gone as the sun had changed and it was not hitting the glass knob. She pulled out her calendar and marked the day a year ahead and every day for that year, she thought about it, looked at that knob and waited. Fortunately, that day, a year later, the sun shine was gifting her with the beautiful photograph.

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hmmm I wonder why???????

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A gathering of angels appeared above my head
They sang to me this song of hope and this is what they said
They said "come sail away come sail away
Come sail away with me"

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