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This week, the dream is realized.

Join us on The Sportsman Channel at 8pm ET to watch Part Two of Steve and Ryan's Idaho Mule Deer hunt OR catch it at 8:30pm ET at!
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Wow, Best show in quite awhile! I have to ask, what you did with that trophy BuckOfaLifeTime if you were giving cape away??? Again Great show Steve, lets see you in Idaho again soon!
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Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is starting a new chapter in my home state of Michigan. If you care about our hunting and fishing traditions on the public lands and waters of Michigan like I do, I urge that you join BHA today.

If you are interested in a leadership position on the board contact In addition to the great state of Michigan, BHA is also starting a chapter in Wisconsin. Step up today and join in your state via the link below!
Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is a proactive leader in protecting Wild and Roadless Areas for Hunters, Fisherman, Hikers and Horseman alike.
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The MeatEater season opener kicks off with the Virginia dove season opener!

This week, Steve reunites with longtime friend Ronald Boehme to delve into a traditional southern hunt. Join us at 8pm on Jan. 14th on The Sportsman Channel for a fun kick-off to a great season!
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Skinning and gutting furred small game is a simple process, but there's definitely some skill required.

Check out Steve's tips from the The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Small Game & Fowl, and then watch the video at the end of the post for a full example!
You should gut furred small game as soon as possible, especially rabbits and hares, because there’s something about their innards that allows them to sour
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Bozeman, MT: Steven Rinella talks with Land Tawney, Executive Director of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, and Janis Putelis from the MeatEater crew.

Subjects discussed: Montana roots; conservation easements; how Backcountry Hunters & Anglers came to be; the definition of Fair Chase; what high fence operations truly cost the American public; Green Decoys; the promising new demographics in hunting and fishing today; and why the conservation movement is so powerful at the moment.

Steve will be the keynote speaker at the 2016 Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Rendezvous and people can learn more or buy tickets at
Subjects discussed: Montana roots; conservation easements; how Backcountry Hunters & Anglers came to be; the definition of Fair Chase; what high fence
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I hadn't had a podcast in a while and I noticed that not all podcasts are available on Soundcloud. Are there plans to upload all future episodes to Soundcloud, or should I switch to something else? 
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A new batch of videos were just released as part of our How-To Guide to Hunting, Fishing, & the Outdoors!

From MeatEater Producer Janis Putelis explaining how to take care of your rifle in the field, to Remi Warren talking bowhunting specifics, to Randy Newberg, Hunter discussing public land and hunting licenses, you can learn a ton of applicable hunting tips here:
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Road trips can be extremely productive for small game hunting—especially when you travel to areas that receive very little hunting pressure.

I put together a list of everything needed for a small game hunting trip, check it out, contrast and compare, then let us know what your go-to car-camping gear is in the comments below:
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Just watched the 3 different ways to prepare trout and saw you cooking a coyote.  I am from Newville, PA and when I was a kid I shot crows, blackbirds, blue jays and other birds and cooked them on an open fire in my parents backyard.  A true meatEater to another.  Love your shows, they remind me of crazy stuff I did as a kid.
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We use parachute cord constantly in the field, and it's something you should always carry with you in the backcountry. What are some unlikely scenarios paracord has come in handy for you?

In this short clip from our How-To Guide to Hunting, Fishing, & the Outdoors, MeatEater Director Dan Doty talks about why this kit piece is so valuable:
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What kind of language do you use when engaging with others on social media? How important is that language and why does this matter to us specifically as hunters?

Our first installment of Hunting Matters covers just that, and it's the first in a series of essays devoted to covering the rapidly changing landscape of hunting, conservation, and cultural issues that affect hunters nationwide.

Read on and share your thoughts with us below. 
At MeatEater, we're launching a new online series of essays called Hunting Matters. The purpose is to cover--and comment on--the rapidly changing landscape
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Happy Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and a little before and in between from Steve and the MeatEater crew!

We're offering 20% off EVERYTHING--including our new First Lite gear--in The MeatEater Store from today through Monday at midnight! Check out the goods we've got here:
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Silly enough to think federal land transfers won't hurt you? See what's happening to state lands. The threat is real.
'I heard from many readers who felt angry and betrayed by lawmakers.'
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Sneak peek from the upcoming season! Where do you think Steve & Ryan might be in this picture??

The holiday season is coming up and The MeatEater Store is stocked up on First Lite x MeatEater gear as well as a new batch of tees and sweatshirts all made in the USA! Check out the new gear here:
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Thursdays at 8pm e/p on Sportsman Channel

In “MeatEater,” author, hunter and outdoorsman Steven Rinella takes a walk on the wild side - where cliffs, claws and the culinary arts all come crashing together in one nail-biting adventure. In each episode, Rinella deconstructs and masters any hunting technique; tracks and pursues prey; and procures his own food… all culminating in a mouth-watering meal.

Far from trophy or sport hunting, Rinella stays true to our ancestral tradition of sustenance hunting – nothing he harvests goes to waste. Whether tracking blacktail deer in the rainforests of Alaska or rooting out javelina in the deserts of West Texas, Rinella defers to his backcountry roots, challenging himself at every corner while providing an amazing adventure along the way.

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