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Meaghan Fitzgerald
Silicon Valley Native in London. Head of Marketing for 23snaps.
Silicon Valley Native in London. Head of Marketing for 23snaps.

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What I'm Reading: Grow fast or die slow //// Software and online services are in a period of dizzying growth. Year-old companies are turning down billion-dollar buyouts in the hopes of multibillions in a few months. But we have seen similar industry phases before, and they have often ended with growth and valuations fizzling out. //// Read more:

Market Research when Localizing your App: #marketing #technology #business

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How to do effective market research when localizing your app.

Measuring Time as a Proxy for Measuring Frustration: #marketing #technology #business

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Using time as a proxy for frustration in your app or service can help highlight places where you’re causing users to fall out of love with your product, even if it’s not the place where they give up on your app entirely.

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“Stories takes that one step further by allowing parents, who are great natural storytellers, to use an unlimited combination of photos, videos and text to share a single narrative from beginning to end, tell stories about their children’s lives and share them privately with loved ones,” says Meaghan Fitzgerald, Chief Marketing Officer of 23snaps, in a statement.

What I'm Reading: In praise of Joanne Rowling's Hermione Granger series //// It's the end of an era. //// Read more:

Designing and Testing Mobile Apps for Non-Traditional Audiences: #marketing #technology #business

What I'm Reading: NYRblog : Roving thoughts and provocations //// From Moscow to London to New York, the Ukrainian revolution has been seen through a haze of propaganda. Russian leaders and the Russian press have insisted that Ukrainian protesters were right-wing extremists and then that their victory was a coup. //// Read more:

You never know when that boot-strapped startup that can't pay for your work will turn around and get bought for $19b: #marketing #technology #business
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