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mcthegirl, design, graphic, web, creation, art, alteration, melissa, carlisle, web design
mcthegirl, design, graphic, web, creation, art, alteration, melissa, carlisle, web design


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Name: Melissa Carlisle (MCtheGirL)
Fallow: +MelissaCarlisleMCtheGirL
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This is a story……….. called:  A Person Who Once Knew

There ounce was a person who didn’t know a lot of things, though what little things this person did know were solid. This person searched for more knowledge  and over time learned many new things. All though this person continued to learn, the things this person lost on the way was of most importance. The original knowledge of that which has now rippled threw time. The person appeared stronger with all these new abilities and yet could not notice the weakness with in ones self. Forgetting all that was first known and adding on such seemingly useful things, made this person in fact, very brittle.

There ounce was a person who knew lots of things. This person had studied and
ventured far many times. Threw the woods, into other countries, under the sea and
threw the sky, figuring that some day they would die. With nothing more to do and
nothing new to learn; this person believed, their life was complete. Stronger
than all, having the most of power, money all earned from knowledge well spent;
this lead to, not the end. Yet, a life very stale.

There ounce was a person who had important knowledge. The willing of flexibility,
the ability of agility; with wide open eyes to see the light and ears to absorb
information which surrounds, yet still having the mouth to speech lessons as
well. This person ounce was full of life, yet now having brittle faith and a life
so stale.

There once was a person, who came to a conclusion. “If there is nothing left to
explore and all old information is made new, yet still old; then how is that sort
of life called living?” This person began to become very sad.

The grand child crawled up to this person and asked, “Grandfather, why are you

The person looked down and replied, “Why do you crawl when the floor is dirty and
you being the age of five, are capable of walking?”

The child rolled on to their back and stood like a crab, “Cause I can,” the child
then asked, “Why aren’t you glad?”

The person sat there in the chair, with all the knowledge of the world and said,
“I have nothing left to learn, there is nothing new for me to do. That is why I
am sad though I am also glad to have accomplished learning such things.”

“Lire!” screamed the child. “You had to ask me why I crawled. So you don’t know
everything,” the child continued to fit, “You don’t love life.”

“Life is at it’s end for me,” the person scorned, “I do know, now. You told me why
you crawl,” the grandfather clenched his teeth, “Knowing everything, this is my

“Lire!” the child screamed, again. “You don’t know everything,” remarked the
child, “Why do I crab walk, right now? Do you know? You wouldn’t know with out
asking me. Until you ask me, you can’t know.” The child smirked.

“Then why do you crab walk?” The grandfather joked, “Cause you can? Because you
are a child wasting time?”

“Wrong!” stated the child, “I have a cramp in my back. Crab walking works. It’s
not a waste of time. You just sitting there, that’s a waste of time.”

“What do you mean by that?” the grandfather attempted to argue.

“Until you truly love life,” the child stood up on two hands, “you can’t really
live life.”

The grandfather then looked up, “You are right,” he said. This person ounce had
the knowledge of loving life, but gave it up for pointless knowledge and power.
“I am brittle and stale,” this person asked, “could I ever be not?”

“Yes,” the child said with a gloomy face, “but you’d have to give up, that which
weighs you down.”

There was ounce a person, who had the greatest of knowledge; loving to live life.
This person traded such happiness for power and useless knowledge. There ounce
was a happy person, who became brittle and stale. This person refused to give up
such power, which led to the early death of a life worth living.

“I will learn everything,” the child said, “Not while loosing the love, of living

That person was that child and the child become the grandfather…

Both becoming, a person who once knew.

Story Title: A Person Who Once Knew
Story Written By: MCtheGirL /  +Melissa Carlisle
Date Written: 08/17/2014
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#website   #design   #template  of #dove one, created by +MCtheGirL using photography shot and altered by +Melissa Carlisle 
#Free  for #Personal   #use  and comes with an  #iconset  of six.
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#katyperry   - This Is How We Do! #Web   #Site   #template   #Design .

View The Link to see it Live:  

.......It's not done yet... any ideas?? ...... 

It's under temp hosting because this template is in the works and has not yet been completed. This is #Screen   #Shot  [01]
Disclaimer: I'm only making this to better my skills and this template design will be #free  for #Personal  use; I do not profit from this design.
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