Upgraded IBC Dryers

Continuing our commitment to highest quality and standards, Mitchell Container Services has upgraded it's IBC dryers used for cleaning and preparing reusable totes. "We can now accommodate drying up to 9 units at a time after washing and cleaning." stated Ron Mitchell. The gas powered dryer has been in place for about 6 months and allows better cleaning, faster processing and better quality control.

Once the IBC is thoroughly cleaned, drained and inspected, the high volume air blower is lowered into the IBC by the operator. Warm air circulates into the IBC container forcing out any excess moisture through a drain, leaving the interior completely dry ad perfectly clean. "We want the units bone dry and this system aids in the process. As our South Alabama weather is unpredictable, humidity does not present a problem. We are able to continue our standard and provide the best quality totes to our customers." Mitchell explained. This final step in drying avoids any contamination to water sensitive products.

The new dryer installment was completed a few months ago and is a part of the multi faceted upgrades and expansion taking place at Mitchell Container Services' location over the next few years.

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