It has been said, " One Man's junk is another man's treasure". Over 50% of used steel drums are junk. We have found a valuable market for junk steel drums.
Shredded steel drums are an important feedstock for steel mills. All steel drums are reused or recycled at Michell Container Services, Inc. If a used steel drum meets requirements, then it is reconditioned, however, over fifty percent of used drums do not meet the requirements to be reconditioned. Steel drums with holes, excessive rust, bent chimes or light gage are shredded for recycling.
Don't be a part of the problem by sending used steel drums to the landfill, but rather, be a part of the solution by having your steel drums cleaned and shredded by Mitchell Container Services, Inc. In addition, landfilling is expensive, but you will save money by shredding steel drums.
Our production rate is over 1200 steel drums per day and our fleet of 250 high volume trailers can handle volume your business may have.
Other benefits are a cleaner environment and reduced carbon footprint for your business. Recycling by shredding completes the circle of manufacturing, use, recycled back into steel for manufacturing. Today's steel drum may be tomorrow's car, refrigerator, steel parts or thousands of other steel products.
Contact us a 800-729-3786 or visit our web site at www.mcontainer.com to see our video of steel drums shredded. Over four decades of industrial container service.
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