Long distance motorcycle touring has seemingly been done to death in recent years with no shortage of people riding the world for a cause or trying to cover vast distances in the shortest possible time. It has got to the point where many people’s eyes glaze over when details of yet another exploit hits the media.

This story though is a little different, as there is seemingly no end to the 10 plus years (and counting) adventure of UK couple, Simon Thomas and Lisa Thomas.

Their quest is to cover 122 countries, all seven continents and set five Guinness World Records. And unlike many of the other intrepid adventurers, they have no back up vehicles or film crews and have been completely self-sufficient throughout their 416,000km to date, journey.... More - http://www.mcnews.com.au/Features/2013/WorldTravelers_Simon_Lisa_Thomas/WorldTravelers.htm
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