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Coplanar Wall-Mounted Cabinet Opening System from Bortoluzzi Sistemi

A perfect application of technology, Slider S20 is one of the
most innovative developments of Bortoluzzi Sistemi’s standard
production, typifying the unique nature and individuality
of every product manufactured by this company. In short, it is
a coplanar sliding system designed to be installed on cupboards,
sideboards and wall cabinets. This extreme versatility is ensured
by an opening mechanism that can be installed on
the top or underneath the cabinet and it is suitable for a wide
variety of different configurations and sizes, with either full overlay
or inset doors.
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Lapis is the new family of Silentia hinges with damping system integrated in the cup with cover.

Lapis requires the same standard drilling patterns and processes used in traditional furniture hinges and it does not need special workings on door and cabinet side. It is a hinge system which offers industry- leading characteristics of adjustment, strength, durability and damping performance. 

Lapis is made of two covers which move with the hinge elements synchronously, hiding the technical components and enriching the product with refined aesthetics, far from the traditional geometries of furniture hinges.

Lapis is available in 12 finishes and 144 combinations which offer a high personalization level, meeting the requirements of producers of any kind of furniture.

Lapis by Salice represents a revolution in form and style and its numerous finishes embellishing and enriching the furniture interior.

Lapis is the true alternative to traditional forms and nickel-plated finishes available on the market since decades, conferring the end product a considerable added value.

Try out Lapis here
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Camar -  Article 807 XL RV - Reverse Hanging Bracket
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