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THE SPRING EXHIBITION • Opens this Saturday 13 May and runs until 20 June.

For the full list of works in this show:

#Original #Contemporary #Art #Godalming #Surrey #Exhibitions
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Opening Friday - JACK FRAME - CORNUCOPIA • 21 April — 2 May 2017

Reception begins at 6pm, Jack will be in the gallery to speak about his work.

To see the entire collection in this exhibition :

#Art #Originals #Godalming #Surrey #Trees #Exhibitions
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Four new stunning works by Dylan Lloyd have arrived for Spring in the Gallery. All are oil and canvas and range from 120 x 100 cm to 160 x 140 cm in size.

To view the works and for more details :

#Original #Landscapes #Art #Dorset #Gardens
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New to the gallery we have painter Stiliana Alexieva.

Stiliana Alexieva was born in Bulgaria. She was tutored from an early age by her father Jordan Alexiev, an accomplished figurative artist, sculptor and actor. She studied printmaking, photography and visual arts in Sofia then mosaic art and design in London. Her art studies concluded at the Thames Valley University in 2003, since when she has painted professionally.

Stiliana’s work is inspired by the many changeable moods of the skies and weather of the English and Scottish coastline. She is moved by the drama, peace and serenity of these vistas.

Her experience of living through the fall of communism left her free of convention; this is manifests itself in her style of painting - highly textured mixed media on aluminium panels.

#Aluminium #Paintings #Landscape #Godalming #Surrey

For prices and further information :

The Gallery is closed between Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 28 December and will re-open Thursday 29 Deceomber #Christmas

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The Gallery will be closed between Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 28 of December, re-opening on Thursday 29 December.

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The Winter Exhibition - Gallery Installation

The show opens tomorrow with luxury bites courtesy of The Godalming Food Company, come along and take a look at over 70 new original works.

A full colour exhibition catalogue is available.

#Original #Art #Paintings #Sculpture #Godalming #Surrey #Exhibitions
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Dialogues - Beverley Rouwen and Douglas Reeve

Exhibition opens this Saturday the 12 November, meet both Beverley & Douglas from 12 Noon.

A full colour exhibition catalogue can be obtained from the gallery. To view the full list of works visit the gallery website:

About the Exhibition

This collection presents a number of interconnected works by painter Beverley Rouwen and ceramicist Douglas Reeve. It demonstrates the exciting potential being realised by both artists through their collaboration.

Beverley Rouwen is an established painter in oils, with a long-standing interest in the abstract depiction of trees in the landscape. Her work has recently broadened into other worked environments such as the hop gardens of Kent and eventually to even more abstract landscapes which capture many past influences of our impact on the environment and together with the possibilities for future landscapes. This evolution is apparent in three groups of her work presented here - Trees, Skynets and Clayscapes.

After a career in banking, Douglas Reeve studied Philosophy at Birkbeck and completing his PhD at UCL. Influenced by Lucie Rie, Hans Coper and Shoji Hamada and inspired by visits to Mashiko in Japan, he decide to make the transition from collector to maker. Douglas takes an experimental approach with a focus on the extension of simple forms and the beauty of subtle curves.

Working with Beverley, Douglas has developed new forms inspired by her more abstract work and designed specifically to accompany individual paintings. Some of these forms remain stark white while a selected few are decorated by Beverley to more tightly connect the work of painter and potter. Their continuing dialogue is reflected in shapes and decoration shared by both media culminating in artworks where paintings and pots form part of a whole.

In the latest examples of the Trees series key elements of the painting appear as decoration on the accompanying bowls. This results in an extra dimension of interest.

In the Skynets series Beverley explores the intricacy of the hop nets of Kent and the magic of their weaving against open skies. She has extrapolated essential lines from painting to bottle. The depiction of this traditional craft in three dimensions is refreshingly presented through painting and pot.

Building on these earlier dialogues, the Clayscape series represents a culmination of the creative interaction. These most abstract paintings draw inspiration from real landscapes but enjoy enormous freedom of expression. Forms and structure of both painting and ceramics are shared - shapes and colours resonate strongly in matched works. The result is a powerful multi dimensional whole.

#Art #Paintings #Ceramics #Originals #Surrey #Godalming #Exhibitions 

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A Sense of Belonging - Virginia Ray & Colin Taylor - Gallery Installation photographs.

Exhibition opens this evening and runs until the 9 November

#Art #Originals #Oil #Paintings #Surrey #Exhibitions #Godalming #Landscapes #Yorkshire #India #Cumbria
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Mark Spray - Finding Beauty - Gallery Installation

Exhibition runs until the 18 October. A full colour catalogue is available from the gallery.

Mark Spray has earned a reputation for being one of the finest landscape artists in Britain today. Born 1973 in Heanor, Derbyshire Spray spent his formative years living in the mining town of Eastwood. In 2000 having studied at Manchester Metropolitan University and Goldsmiths, London Mark moved to West Cornwall. He lives and works in the Lands End area of Cornwall. His work is inspired by the landscapes of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Scotland and parts of his native Derbyshire. Many of Mark’s works incorporate soils and other found materials from the places he depicts. Spray’s work develops through his engagement with landscape, poetry, literature and the human experience.

W. G. Sebald’s eloquent book ‘The Rings of Saturn’ was the starting point for an extended walk through Suffolk which inspired this collection of works. At once fiction, memoir, biography and travelogue, Sebald’s writings wander the low lands of East Anglia in an unhindered narrative style that ebbs and flows through accounts of people, stories, thoughts and places. Informed by the landscape, the experience of walking and his own five senses, Sebald’s melancholic words paint a sensory and aesthetic whole as the author experiences the familiar, yet incongruous nature of the subjective self in time and place, and the cognitive dissonance of the uncanny.

Taking this book as a framework to explore an as yet ‘undiscovered country’ Spray carried with him his sketchbook and his own existential experience, walking 120 miles through the Suffolk landscape. Beginning at sunrise and sleeping wherever he found himself as the day’s light failed, he spent long nights of contemplation in deep woods, a cell-like bird hide, open fields and on shingled beaches. Immersed in self, sense and environment, each step of his walk defined an ongoing dialogue between writer and artist, between artist and landscape: starting out from Somerleyton train station, Spray took in the coastal town of Lowestoft, the once fresh waters of Benacre Broad – now invaded by the advancing salted sea, on to the hamlet of Covehithe, to Southwold, over the River Blyth and down to Dunwich, where coastal erosion continues its triumphant march and over time 12 churches have been swallowed by the ocean. The second phase of the walk began in the town of Woodbridge, then on to the village of Orford and the bleak beauty of Orford Ness, a wide shingle spit at the mouth of the River Ore that was once a military testing site and Cold War defense installation, before heading north-west along the roman road from Yoxford and finally back to Southwold’s Gun Hill, overlooking the cold North Sea.

Captured in the oil paint and mineral grit of Spray’s mixed media work is the shifting beauty of this landscape and its unique exchange with both author and artist: the vivid purple heather and white sanded paths of Dunwich heath glow brightly under ominous skies; low, brooding cloud lines skim the damp, sea level land and sandbars break the grey reflective waters of sea and broad in two; strange, silent circles of concrete scar the requisitioned and ultimately abandoned shingle of a once unspoiled Orford Ness; bare and brittle trees reach from wet earth up towards wetter skies; the bruised clouds of an emerging storm intensify the grassy green of fields along the roman road and will soon replenish puddles which soak colours from the rolling, humid atmosphere.

Drawing together elements of experience, thought, perception and prose, this collection of oil sketch and large scale studio paintings, which are in part both documentary and autobiographical works, evidence the physically exhausting yet psychologically restorative nature of time spent in the landscape and seek, in their way, to locate beauty in the midst of melancholy.

#Exhibition #Art #Godalming #Surrey #Landscapes #Oil #Paintings
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